Wanted: One classy, nuanced GetReligion logo

Time for a personal favor. Doug and I are searching all over the web for something. We know of a cathedral or two — St. John the Divine in New York City leaps to mind — that have stained-glass windows with images drawn from journalism and mass media. But we can’t find these images.

We are searching for a logo for this blog. Any other suggestions? I mean, polite ones we can print?

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • http://www.meadowbrookhall.org/about.htm BJ Bates

    What about this one from Meadow Brook Hall? (Lower left on the page.)


    That collection features several Medieval professions in stained glass. See the “artist” here:


  • http://ChristianityToday.com CTImike

    How about blending the spiritual with the classical with the modern by bringing together the hand of Adam (from the Sistine Chapel painting) with a technological element such as a cell phone. Perhaps that image has been overdone, but maybe it’ll spark another idea.

    I’m picturing merging two pictures together rather than Photoshopping technology into the classic painting. But, it’s your logo, and food for thought.

    That’s my pair of pennies on the subject.

  • http://ChristianityToday.com CTImike

    If you have an account with either Photos.com or ArtToday.com, there are some images there that might meet your needs. There are a few that might be prospects.

  • http://www.pmsummer.org P.M. Summer

    The best example of Christianity and the Press I can think of. But not very subtle, really.


  • John Brown SJ

    I may have something left over from a project I did for my Jesuit community. Email me and I’ll send you the .gif

  • R Wimer

    try this link for some free stock photos: