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There is nothing that can be added to this report, other than a massive cheer (and a sign of relief).

Rosanne Cash says she and her siblings were livid when she heard her father’s hit Ring of Fire might be used for a Preparation H commercial.

So the family rejected this cash appeal.

OLD: Meanwhile, I am hearing reports of another strange, well, marriage out there in pop-culture-religion in commercial land. Can anyone confirm whether or not the Sixpence None The Richer take on the classic hit “There She Goes” is now being used as the soundtrack for a birth-control commercial?

NEW: You readers are amazing. Someone has already confirmed this and even had the URL for the Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo commercial. But now that I’ve seen the ad I have to ask another question: Is this Sixpence or is it a sound-a-like band?

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, that is Sixpence’s version. Now, word comes out of the industry that the band is calling it quits.

    See: http://www.cmcentral.com/news/1905.html


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    Here’s a further update for those interested in our suddenly favorite birth-control commercial singers:


  • James Freeman

    But Christian-radio types were HORRIFIED when Evanescence’s Ben Moody dropped the F-bomb in an interview and said they weren’t a “Christian band.”

    Spare me.

    I suppose use of a Sixpence song on a birth-control commercial — you know, those pills that often are ABORTIFACIENT — is just a new, exciting way for “Christian artists” to spread the gospel, right?

    OK, you CCM folk! Time to:

    A) ratchet up the outrage

    B) apologize to Evanescence

    C) finally recognize the absolute fallacy of relying on musicians to carry all the water for evangelization on your radio station, make money for their corporate record labels and lead the way to Christian Happyland, too.

    D) apologize to Evanescence

    E) bust out your old Clash albums and repeat after me: There’s only two kinds of music: good and bad.

    F) apologize to Evanescence.

    Me, I vote for all of the above.

  • jeff freier

    those with no concern for the end

    will never know where to begin

  • jeff freier

    those with no concern for the end

    will never know where to begin