The amazing, nonpartisan adventures of Choice Chick

choice_chickFrom Newsweek‘s web exclusive interview with Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood:

What are your plans for the Republican National Convention?

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is nonpartisan and we have tried very hard the last few conventions to get some change in the Republican platform and have not been successful. . . . We’re not as interested in attacking George Bush as in appealing to broad public opinion at this point. He’s not going to change his mind. There are some groups that want to attack and we don’t see any benefit in that. We know and the American people know where George Bush stands.

Now consider the Choice Chick video, promoted on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s mainpage, which uses campy cartoon humor to mock the “diabolical, dastardly and dogmatic” Bush (evil laugh included) and those whom Bush’s cartoon incarnation calls “A.G. Johnny” John Ashcroft, “Patty” Pat Robertson, a hydra-headed “Supreme Court Beastie” (Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Scalia and Thomas) and “Little Ricky” Santorum.

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  • Joshua Cordell

    It’s nice that they aren’t going to attack George W. Bush. Instead they’ll just call him “diabolical, dastardly and dogmatic,” wait did they say they wern’t interested in attacking him?

  • Charlie

    To paraphrase the left’s reaction when Dan Quayle criticized “Murphy Brown,”, “It’s just a cartoon. It doesn’t mean anything.” Choice Chick isn’t attack politics, it’s art!

  • Douglas LeBlanc

    Thanks, Rick, for the TrackBack referring readers to Instapundit as the source for earlier remarks on Choice Chick. I had seen the cartoon link only through a friend’s email, and he hadn’t credited Insty. It became a matter of GetReligion’s interest because of Gloria Feldt’s remarks in the cozy chat with Newsweek.

  • James Freeman

    “Choice Chick” isn’t seditious, but you can see it from there. I had thought 2004 = 1968. Now I’m wondering whether 2004 = 1858.

    The rhetoric during this election year — particularly on Planned Parenthood’s side of the culture wars — is getting so heated, you have to wonder at what point it will turn into physical violence.

    And I’m not talking about lone-wolf freakazoids like Eric Rudolph or James Kopp on the right-wing side of the divide.

  • Ed Jordan

    I liked the part of the video where Choice Chick partially delivered the girl baby and then jabbed the scissors into her skull.

    Oh, wait . . . I guess they left out that part.

  • J.A.S.

    Funny, I thought “Choice Chick” should have a little sidekick, maybe “Choice Boy” or “Choice Kid”… oh. I get it. Never mind.

    P.S.: Is it my imagination, or is “Choice Chick” Janeane Garofolo?

  • cbugbee

    Hey Doug:

    Check out James Freeman’s post below for a sample of the exclusionist tone that is so prominent on the right. Sedition is a mighty loaded word to use as a criticism of even vociferously expressed opposing ideas, doncha think? Can faithful Christians disagree on the subect of abortion without one side trying to read the other out of the faith? Where is the line between authentically Christian critique and garden variety partisanship of the most extreme (and therefore mundane) kind?

  • cbugbee

    To put the question in your own terms, (paraphrasing your closing assertion from a previous posting) “Should anyone assume that when conservative evangelicals express their views on abortion, they insist that all right-believing (i.e. “real”) Christians must agree?

  • tmatt

    Chris, soon to be “Cosmo”, makes an interesting point.

    It is hard for Protestants to take a very firm position on issues such as abortion, since they have cut themselves free from 2,000 years of church tradition — make that Church Tradition — on such a topic.

    However, there is no question what the teaching of the Church is, in terms of the Church Fathers. This is why the issue is so, so, so much more crucial for a John Kerry, who claims to be Roman Catholic, than it is for a Bill Clinton, who is one of a thousand different brands of Baptist.

    Clinton is being consistent with a free-church institution. Kerry is thumbing his nose at centuries and centuries of unbroken teachings on an issue of mortal sin.

  • Joanne

    Nothing associated with Planned Parenthood is non-partisan. Their ideology, goals, and tactics are left-wing all the way.

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