TerriEyes.jpgAnother day, another stay in the Terri Schiavo case. On Wednesday, Judge George Greer extended the stay on Michael Schiavo’s plans to remove the tubes that deliver food and water to his brain-damaged wife. It was the second time this week that Terri was given a reprieve.

The interesting thing about the Wednesday court hearing was that Florida’s Department of Children and Families tried to intervene, causing not a little bit of consternation for Judge Greer. The issues may or may not be resolved today, but the recent interest by the press in this story has been alternately overwhelming and infuriating.

A Google search turns up 1,500 related articles. One of the things I noticed while clicking on the odd Schiavo article is that the bloggers’ campaign to challenge claims that she is in a “permanent vegetative state” (i.e., a vegetable) has borne fruit. Reporters are likely to either refer to Terri as “brain damaged” or to report the controversy over her mental state.

For instance, a Washington Post story calls Terri a “brain-damaged woman” in the lede and informs readers that one of the legal hurdles Terri’s parents are trying to throw up involves “new scientific developments [that suggest] she might be ‘minimally conscious,’ rather than in a vegetative state.”

The Post plays the religious aspects of this story relatively straight, except where religion and Jeb Bush collide. We learn that unnamed “bioethicists and constitutional scholars criticized Bush (R) for pushing a law through the Florida legislature that gave him the right to stop Michael Schiavo from removing the feeding tubes,” but we never hear from a bioethicist or law professor on the other side of the issue.

Florida International University law professor Elizabeth Foley allowed that “the state has an unqualified interest in preserving life,” but then qualified that interest by saying “it does seem like the executive branch is trying to circumvent the judiciary.”

Actually, both the legislative and the executive branches are trying to save Terri Schiavo. In 2003 the legislature passed a law that would empower Bush to save Terri, but the justices of Florida’s Supreme Court — who are not known for their humility — decided to override both of the other branches of government. Why the Post didn’t choose to quote an “expert” questioning a judiciary that seems incapable of accepting any limits is beyond me.

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  • Mike Walsh, MM

    I like the blog, but your posted images are covering up parts of the text.

  • Cathy

    Why do we always have to have a vilian?? Scumbag Husband? From stories I have read the husband is just trying to carry out her own wishes. This story is the reason I have a living will, even though I am happy an healthy. Sorry mom and dad but I do not want to “live” like that. I have spoken about wills and living wills with my whole family and a lot of my friends they know what I want and I urge them to let there loved ones know what they want. This thing has gotten way out of hand. People need to be proactive with there wishes for a situation liket this. You pray that it will never happen to you or anyone you know, but I think the govenment should not have to step in.

  • dw

    If one of you with the image problems could tell me your operating system, browser and version, and how wide your screen is, I could probably get a fix for it.

  • Camassia

    In my experience, the problem is the width of the screen. My big work monitor displays everything fine, but on my 19″ home screen the pictures block the text. Both use IE 6.

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  • Carolyn Meche

    I have followed this story from the beginning, and the one thing that upsets me is that everyone has been throwing off at the husband, and he loved his wife till the end…If she told him she didnt want to live this way and others heard it how can her parents go against that…I have seen many people who claim to be friends to the family, and yes they seemed to be true enouogh until the time came, I am part of the health profession, and unlike a person without any training, I have weighed the facts and this is what I have concluded…Terri expressed her wishes to many people…Her mother and father did not want to give her up…yet her husband was only following her wishes because he loved her the parents tried to make him look like a terrible person…Terris actions were nothing more than reflexive…To the untrained eye however there is always that unknown feeling that makes you see what isnt really there…I applaud Michael Schiavo…He showed a greater love for his wife than her family did…I feel like the family wrinkled Terri’s legacy by being selfish, and unchristianlike…They claim that their faith required their actions, I know of no faith that requires lying, and just down right hatred…Anyone who wishes to reply to me please do so at I will be glad to chat with you and discuss anything with you…I can also be reached at on the windows messenger…
    I Hope To Hear From You!!!
    Carolyn Meche