What in hell?

The Toledo Blade is digging into a story that has national hypernews potential — if other journalists can believe what they are reading. This isn’t another case of sexual abuse involving Catholic priests. It’s a case involving a murdered nun, stab wounds in the shape of a cross, memories of ritual abuse and fiends in robes. Summary: “Investigators have talked to numerous priests and former students at local Catholic grade schools to determine if they knew anything about children being molested in bizarre ceremonies involving a small ring of clerics, according to several people interviewed by police. Four women told detectives about being abused between the late 1960s and 1986 during cult-like ceremonies involving altars and men dressed in robes, the accusers told The Blade.” Stay tuned.

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.