A brief paean to Firefox

Get Firefox!It’s been an especially busy week for all three editors of GetReligion, which affected our ability to post a fresh item today.

This seems like a good time for a brief item of housekeeping. Various readers of this blog have expressed frustration about our photos obscuring our text. We have not found a consistent pattern to this problem, except perhaps older browsers running on older operating systems.

One reader today found that his problems were solved by using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer or Safari. Considering how many of our posts have been prepared on Firefox, we should give this browser an overdue endorsement.

Those of you who have experienced this problem and found solutions are welcome to post them in the comments thread of this post, or to send email to any of the editors.

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  • http://www.jlleblanc.com Joseph LeBlanc

    Pop up blocking, newsfeeds through “live bookmarks”, tabbed browsing (essential!), better standards support, free… I could gush on for hours…

  • Carl

    There’s gotta be a ghost in this story, how else could people feel so strongly about a web browser? ; )

    Actually, I’ve thought about this for a while, how consumer choice is increasingly becoming an important part of self-identity. I call it “Consumer Shinto” since it’s a using pantheism of goods to provide a feeling of security.

  • http://concordblog.blogspot.com Maurice Frontz

    Carl, I recently checked out a book on this topic from our local library. Its title is “The Culting of Brands” and the cover features religious symbols (cross, crescent, yin-yang, etc.) and corporate symbols (Apple, Saturn, etc.) I only read the first two chapters, but it might interest you.