Flat earth, flat tax, same dif

laughin.jpg By chance today, I watched a segment on CNN’s In the Money. Host Jack Cafferty shifted from discussing Social Security to discussing the Terri Schiavo case like so:

“Meantime, the battle over Terri Schiavo may have been fought in the courts, but the real noise was on the sidelines. Some Republicans picked up an issue galvanizing the Christian right and ran with it all the way to the federal courts. But how good an idea was that? Like gay marriage and the conflict over abortion, the Schiavo case has some politicians taking a fundamentalist position and making it their own.”

His guest Susan Jacoby, author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism, chirped right in. She said Republicans thought they owned the “the values issue” but that this case demonstrates “there are a lot of values in this country” and they don’t necessarily line up with the “religious right,” which has “not only demonized the secular but it’s hijacked the word ‘religious.’”

Cafferty asked if this case provided an opening for the Democrats. Jacoby said it may, but she claimed to be “very discouraged” about the politics of the case thus far.

She was “truly shocked that not a single Democratic senator had the courage to stand up and in fact speak the language of values and say, my values, my religion, my beliefs, don’t allow us to intervene in this kind of family affair.”

Jacoby said this was “a situation in which Democrats have been absolutely terrified by this idea that George Bush won because he owned the, quote, ‘values issue.’”

There was a quick detour into states’ rights and then Cafferty returned to the point:

“The right wing of the Republican party will never vote for a Democrat either, ever, ever, ever, ever. From where I sit, it seems to me the Democrats are missing a golden opportunity here.

“If you were advising the Democratic party on this whole issue — the discussion of the intrusion of religion into government, et cetera, et cetera — what would you be telling them to do here?”


“I would tell them . . . exactly what you said, that you are never going to get people who believe that the world was created in seven days, literally to vote for you. You are never going to get the far religious right to vote for you.”

Glad we cleared that up.

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  • Brad

    I have noticed the ground shift under my feet a bit lately. I am a registered Democrat who would like a single-payer healthcare system and is anti-war, anti-death penalty, etc.

    But, because I’m also a traditional Christian theologically who actually takes the Bible seriously and am against abortion and killing off those who can’t fend for themselves, it appears I’ve become a right-wing fundamentalist!

    Funny how these things just happen without your realizing it.


  • Stephen A.

    This is yet another example of the elitist media’s mindset that everyone who doesn’t reject God, traditional values and Faith is a knuckle-dragging caveman (or is that “caveperson”?)

    The Left in general has enormous contempt for everyone who doesn’t buy into their worldview. But those in the media get to use their position to drum that into the American psyche, often giving no balance to their “reporting,” as this example demonstrates once again. So much for democracy and free expression.

    Not all journalists are like this guy, of course, but it permeates TV coverage.

    Luckily, venues like the Internet and blogs like this one are giving people the other side of the story, or at least a chance to vent their frustrations.

    Maybe someone at the networks will listen and take action. Don’t hold your breath.

    Oh, and I wish the Religious Left great luck as they re-package their Class War, Sandinista Theology and try to sell it to us as something “new” and equal to conservative values.

  • Stephen A.

    More contempt: Madonna (the singer) and husband Guy Ritchie (the “actor”) dressed as a nun and the Pope for, of all things, a Jewish Purim festival party in London:


    She’s “like a virgin.” Get it? I didn’t get it when she did this in 1989, either.

  • http://www.ecben.net Gillimer

    Don’t worry, Brad. Next they will probably tell you that since you don’t fit their stereotype, you can’t be a “real” Christian. Just as Mr. Lott apparently can’t be a “real” libertarian. And only black people, er, African Americans, er, whatever who toe the leftwing line can be “authentic” (and are allowed into the Congressional African American Caucus).