Exorcising our Internal Server Errors

The past few days have been hellish for our readers who want to post comments, and we ask your forgiveness. The crew at our server is trying to resolve this problem, which affects not only comments but also our ability to post items with any certainty that they will appear.

Today I have changed our blog’s configuration to allow comments without previous registration with TypeKey. I hope that will remove one obstacle that’s been a consistent headache for many of you.

Please bear with us, and we hope to have a more thorough improvement in place very soon.

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  • http://molly.douthett.net Molly

    Thanks, Doug! I, for one, really appreciate this!!


  • Stephen A.

    Strangely, it’s giving me the error screen, but if I put in my e-mail, it posts it anyway. It’s also not showing ANY postings for the latest entry, even though there are several. But you’re probably aware of this.