Back on the taxidermy front

This week’s Time promises more than it delivers in saying that the feature story “The Posse in the Pulpit” offers “a portrait of the pastors who are leading the offensive against the filibuster.”

It’s more like three photos — of D. James Kennedy, Rod Parsley and Rick Scarborough — and a few sentences about Scarborough, including the telling detail that, like Bob Jones III, he has the iconic head of a dead animal on his office wall:

Last week’s federal-court decision overturning Nebraska’s gay-marriage ban has only added fuel to the right’s fire. Thus, Scarborough is spending most of his time these days working to beat back Democrats’ attempts to block several of President Bush’s judicial nominees. “It takes two-thirds of Congress, the President’s signature and three-fourths of the states to change the Constitution–or one judge,” says Scarborough, sitting beneath the mounted head of a whitetail deer in his east Texas office. “And believe me, the left learned that a long time ago.”

Much of the 1,200-word story explores the frustrating details of how Democrats and Republicans are at loggerheads over several of President Bush’s appointees to federal courts.

Time notes, “The Senate could be headed for this historic showdown in part because it anticipates an inevitable one down the line: a full-blown confirmation brawl over the next Supreme Court nominee.”

The story leaves the impression that the Senate would not be in this place were it not for these evangelicals preachers, or their opposite voices in People for the American Way.

Perhaps these preachers see it only as a matter of timing or intensity, though. Time doesn’t devote enough space to details that would answer such a question.

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  • Stephen A.

    I guess it’s far easier to blame so-called “religious right-wing extremists” (said Stephen, sneer quoting) than to explore in detail the real reasons for the logjam. Although the quote about the future Supreme Court nominee fight is closer to the mark.

    Why don’t they ever expose the left-wing secularist extremists for pushing their point of view on Congress and the rest of the government? I missed thsoe stories when the House and White House were in the other party’s hands.

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  • Brant

    I interviewed Scarborough once for a couple hours on a talk radio program in Houston. Though a “granola conservative” myself, I challenged him on some personal attitudes expressed toward the Clintons, for example.

    He was surprised and a bit aggravated by some of the questions, and after the interview, dropped off his book in my office. It so happened that my brother had just sent me an old Soviet officer’s hat from Germany, which was sitting on my shelf.

    Scarborough took a look at shelf with the hammer-and-sickle, was clearly unnerved, and then nodded with a glint of “Oh — now I get it.”

    He then autographed his book with, “Now, I know how to pray for you.”

    He’s a nice guy.