Why God made bishops

I think it is safe to say that this story represents the end of the Romanian convent-from-hell episode. Bishop Corneliu Barladeanu stepped up and did what bishops are supposed to do — protect the faith. You know things are totally out of control when the nuns start attacking a bishop, attacking as in physical assault. Here are a few more interesting details from a wire update:

The church, which is faced with a shortage of priests, had granted Corogeanu the right to work as a priest, despite the fact that he had not completed his theological studies, Barladeanu said. He added the church now planned to introduce psychological tests for men entering the monastic life. The Holy Trinity convent was built in 2001 by a lawyer and had not been sanctified by the Orthodox Church, Barladeanu added.

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  • DD

    Yes, the action taken by Bishop Corneliu was a huge relief. God bless him. Shutting down the convent was a nice touch too. Reminds me of a story a heard a while back about a rogue Russian Orthodox priest who -against the canons of the Church- married two men. The bishop (or the Patriarch, I can’t remember) responded by defrocking and excommunicating the priest, bulldozing the church, burning the rubble and sowing the ground with salt. Leave it to the Slavs to make strong statements.

  • tmatt

    I wrote about that Russian bishop right after the story broke.

    A former Anglican friend sent me a wire report, to which he had added a wonderful headline: Not Episcopalians.