On the road: Did Google get religion?

Whoa! Is it just me, or did everyone click on Google News this a.m. and find the following section available in the main page? If this change has somehow been made in the Google template, the timing could not be better.

The Rt. Rev. LeBlanc may need to cue up the Freak Out theme music again.

Religion »

Religion: God and money
U.S. News & World Report — Jun 14, 2005
You might think so. After all, the father of modern sociology, Max Weber, saw that there was a pretty powerful connection between being a good Protestant and being a good capitalist. But people have been arguing . . .

Tech Central Station
After thinking about it, justices decide to let us think about it
Chicago Daily Southtown — 53 minutes ago
By Marlene Lang. The US Constitution doesn’t name all the messy potential manifestations of “establishment of a religion,” as forbidden in the First Amendment. What we need is a tidy list of all possible situational . . .

Thou shalt not waffle
Marion Chronicle Tribune
Kentucky congressmen back amending the Constitution
Louisville Courier-Journal
Palm Beach Post — commercialappeal.com (subscription) — Roanoke Times Washington Times — all 83 related »

Believers, Save the Republic!
Washington Post — 8 hours ago
By Jon Meacham. On July 4, 1827, a leading clergyman of the day, the Presbyterian minister Ezra Stiles Ely, preached a controversial sermon in Philadelphia that was published around the country. Its title could . . .

Founding Fathers, founding faith
Orlando Sentinel
Economist — Useless-Knowledge.com – all 5 related »

Scalia’s scary America
St. Petersburg Times — 4 hours ago
By ROBYN E. BLUMNER, Times Perspective Columnist. Justice Antonin Scalia would remake our secular republic into a quasi-theocracy; and with the pending retirement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, we may soon . . .
Hoisting Liberals on Their Own Petard: Thank You, Justice Scalia MichNews.com
American Rhythms | The court’s delicate dance between church and . . . philly.com
all 6 related »

Etc. Etc. Etc. I don’t even know where to start on this, especially stopped along the roadside on the way to the mountains in a spot of wi-fi.

Speaking of roadside — I saw an interesting kitsch sign about 67 miles into Georga headed north on I-95 yesterday. It said: “America’s smallest church, exit right.” I thought about that and it sort of made sense. Churches on the right tend to split a lot as they fight over doctrine.

I wonder if, somewhere, there is a roadside sign that says: “America’s smallest church with an endowment, exit left.”

Back to the road. Where is the next cyber cafe in the hills?

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • http://tjic.com/blog tjic

    I’m not seeing it.

  • http://u2sermons.blogspot.com Beth

    I don’t have it either, unfortunately.

  • Stephen A.

    It’s just you.

  • http://faithandjournalism.com Amy

    A Sunday morning quirk, perhaps?

  • EV

    Nice dream.

  • J-D

    Yep, just you!

  • http://blog.kevinbasil.com/ Basil

    Terry, did you by any chance customize your Google News page and forget that you customized it? Google News makes it possible to add a custom section searching on keywords (which I think you’ve written about).

    I do that with my (highly customizable) Firefox browser all the time. I think a page is broken until I realize that a spiffy script somewhere is the culprit.

  • Matt

    Yes — click “customize this page,” click on (e.g.) “Entertainment,” delete it, add a custom section using the keyword “Religion” and add it, then drag it up to where the entertainment section was. Religion will then also show up as a main section over on the left-hand side. Very nice!

  • tmatt

    I did customize Google — but not on my laptop. Only on my main machine.

    At it is custom on Firefox, but not Safari….

    Sittin’ in a parking lot near a closed cyber cafe…. Hard to type with the steering wheel in the way. ;-)