Re: London falling

Dear readers,

I’m now heading into my day job in Washington, D.C., and a bunch of terrorists have decided to make the commute all the more fun by killing people in London. I hope the culprits don’t give up when the police come knocking, so they can start their stints in hell early. Meanwhile, why do I have a feeling that this story will soon help reinforce the lore about all those Jews who didn’t die at the World Trade Center? Feel free to discuss in my absence.


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  • andy chamberlain


    Whilst I share your anger at the people who did this thing, I wonder whether it is wise to go on record as saying that you wish them dead, and to imply that their death will certainly mean they end up in hell.

    I have wrestled with anger at the various attrocities committed by these immoral people over the years, not least in the aftermath of 9/11. I’ve come to the point where I can only ask for God’s grace to deal with my reactions, and yet more of His grace to relate properly to others (including Muslims) when these evil acts are committed.

    This is not a preach, it’s just a thought


    Andy Chamberlain

  • Mike Wood

    I have to agree with Andy Chamberlains criticism of the hell-wish. If you really believe that hell exists, as I do, and as Jesus did, you won’t be as quick to wish people would take a trip there even if they deserve it. We all deserve it. That’s one of the points of Jesus’ parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18.


  • Brad

    I suppose I’ll agree with Andy on the sentiment that it’s not good to wish anyone, even the worst among us, would soon end up in hell…hoping for better things for even the worst is clearly the Christian sentiment, even if not the natural one.

    However, in response to Andy saying “I wonder whether it is wise to go on record as saying that…their death will certainly mean they end up in hell,” I have to say that, the ethics of wishing the terrorists would quickly end up at their destination aside, it’s fairly safe to say that that *is* where they’ll end up.


  • John Stewart

    I pastor at an evangelical church where I often pray publically for the destruction of our enemies who commit acts of violence in the most thorough way possible; which is that their dark hearts would be converted by and to the light of Jesus Christ.They may still have to surrender their bodies to the world’s standard of justice, but in their souls, I pray ,the God of Abraham will ultimately be victorious.

  • Brad

    Yes, to Pastor Stewart’s point, I should point out I was operating on my early assumption that it was suicide bombers.

    I technically could be proven wrong on the statement that Hell was their destination, since they apparently have lived to see another day.