That’s all folks (for now)

With this post I take my leave of GetReligion. Terry Mattingly should be along either later today or early tomorrow to announce further changes. I’m skedaddling to devote time to a book-in-progress about hypocrisy, which should land in finer retail outlets next year. Don’t know if I’ll be back to these cyber pages, but I wouldn’t rule it out. It has been fun.

Before I go, let me say a few things about my co-bloggers.

I bumped into Doug LeBlanc when he was the book review editor for Christianity Today and found him to be a remarkably understanding editor. He let me write about things that caught my interest, insisted on changes when I went off the rails, didn’t meddle needlessly, and helped to negotiate my work through what can become an editorial buzz saw. So when he sent an e-mail asking if I’d like to work with him on this site he was associated with called GetReligion, I didn’t give it much thought. I didn’t have to.

At GetReligion, Doug has saved me from numerous embarrassing mistakes and some truly traumatic typos. He has also been a great friend, and I’ll miss some of our bull session-like and “Hey can you please fix this?”-oriented phone calls. No doubt he’ll now have exponentially more free time.

And what does one say about Terry Mattingly? The guy is so tireless he’s almost a force of nature. The passion he brings to teaching and analyzing journalism makes Howie Kurtz look like a lazy part-timer. “On deadline” should be the epitaph they carve on his tombstone. He’s also sweet and quirky and funny and he evinces a remarkable ability to crash any computer program known to man.

Terry cared enough to give a down-on-his-luck freelancer a regular gig and a lot of rope. For that I will always be grateful.

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  • Glenn A.

    Best of wishes to you Jeremy, as with your co-author’s here, I can tell that this project has really meant something to you all more than just voicing your own opinions as you see on most blogs.

  • Jill

    Jeremy, your insight and wit will be missed here. Blessings on you and your book project!

  • Herb Ely

    I can only echo the above and add my prayers for you.

  • tmatt

    I will say more tomorrow about what happens next.

    But right now, yes Master Jeremy, my home computer (the Sasser-virus jinxed Windows maching, natch) is on the fritz again. Where did we put that Office CD when we moved?

  • Meg Q

    Best wishes, Jeremy, on your new enterprise. Thanks for this – you all are asking important questions here. God bless.

  • Tim G.

    I’m skedaddling to devote time to a book-in-progress about hypocrisy, which should land in finer retail outlets next year.

    Sounds interesting, and I’m curious for more details. Any more details on what exactly you plan to write about hypocrisy?

  • Mark D.

    My recent peevishness is only the annoyance born of affection. Thanks for your insights and all best wishes for your future projects. I hope you’ll check in here soon and often as an ongoing commenter!

  • NateB

    You did a creditable job here of expressing the opinions of young/Dutch/libertarian/Catholic converts everywhere (that’s from one member of our sect to another)-Good Luck!