Too much play

Looks like I wasn’t the only one who protested the level of news-play Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson received for his noisy memorial service last weekend. MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman objected as well:

And, of course, the media went along for the ride. While the event didn’t quite overtake the likes of Natalee Holloway, it did draw lots of coverage in print and on TV.

I have a one-word reaction: Argggggghhhhh.

Why did journalists think this was newsworthy? It only goes so far to rationalize that these nostalgia freaks desperately wanted to resurrect the spirit of the (19)60s (I guess they couldn’t get tickets for the Rolling Stones’ tour-opening concert in Boston on Sunday night).

I haven’t found anyone at MarketWatch who’s upset over the coverage — or lack thereof — of World Youth Day, but many of you supported my annoyance of the way it was covered. Of course some of you didn’t, but that’s fine. It’s why we use the Internet for our news.

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  • Darrell Grizzle

    Here in conservative Cobb County, Georgia, the Pope’s visit to World Youth Day was front-page, above-the-fold news (both in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Marietta Daily Journal), and Hunter’s memorial (which I thought was far more newsworthy) was a mere side story buried deep within both papers.

  • Tim Graham


    I thought you’d want to know that Brent Bozell picked up on your Hunter Thompson vibe.

  • Tim Graham

    I’m sorry, DANIEL, I thought you’d want to see the Bozell column!

  • Michael

    I guess the other question is whether it’s news that young people attended a conference and prayed, later being visited by the Pope?? Why is that news worthy of significant coverage? Youth attend church rallies all the time, youth pray at these events all the time, the leader of the church usually stops in and leads a service or gives a speech.

  • Scott Roche

    Neither one should have been front page news.

  • ceemac


    Here a link to a column with a reference to one of Thompson’s works from this mornings Dallas Morning News . It was one of 4 columns on the Op-Ed page about the anniversary of the 19th amendment.