Does your iPod get religion?

catholicinsider banner byYou have to admit that this is one snazzy logo.

It belongs to Father Roderick Vonhögen, a Roman Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Utrecht, The Netherlands, and his Catholic Insider website. He is best known for doing a series of podcasts — seemingly stalled at the moment — titled “The Secrets of Harry Potter.” You may have seen that up on the screen behind Steve Jobs during the Potter plugs at the most recent Apple keynoter (click here to view the liturgy).

Father Roderick (who has a fine radio voice) is very positive about the books (ditto for me), and one of his podcasts picks up an interesting Vatican podcast that goes behind the scenes of the mini-media storm in which it briefly appeared that Pope Benedict XVI had dissed Harry Potter. Some of the material in this podcasting series is similar to the work of my friend John Granger at, but there are new wrinkles as well. Like, what is the name of Harry’s owl?

Anyway, with the rising prices of gasoline, my commuter train from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., is getting more and more crowded. This makes it harder for me to read books since, as a creaking overweight Baby Boomer, I tend to sway around a bit too much.

So I am turning to my trusty iPod and starting to get into the podcasting thing. I could have sworn that GetReligion has run some posts about Godcasting, but I can’t find them. If we missed some good stories, let us know.

Anyway, I have a question for GetReligion readers. What are the best religion news podcasts that you have found? I have already subscribed to the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly feed at PBS, which is simply the audio track to the television show. You lose something without the visuals, but it is better than missing the broadcasts.

So what are you iListening to these days?

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • Joel Anderson

    Well, two good places to start are “The Godcast Network” (, and “Disciples with Microphones” ( Both have a great array of content. I really enjoy “The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd” – (in the Godcast lineup, though not overtly religious, it is fun, funny and educational). Fr. Rod is excellent, and was tremendous during the passing of JPII, and election of BXVI.

    For a nice daily devotional, I really like the readings of the New Testament “The Whole Truth,” (Godcast) and the assigned daily readings from “Verbum Domini,” (DWM).

    Brian Noe, who does the Verbum podcast recently had some problems with the USCCB over using their readings, but he’s moved to public domain sources and is continuing his service (he also has a terrific radio voice).

    The New York Times has written about “Godcasting,” and you can also check out these articles:

    For full disclosure I have to note that I am the producer of “A Klingon Word from the Word,” perhaps one of the oddest premises for a “Godcast.” (At least I try).

  • jason

    Also check out the bored again christian – . The guy who runs it describes it as Christian music for people who hate Christian music – alternative, indie and the like. Good stuff!

  • Jill

    Jason, interesting site. I have CDs of several of the bands mentioned (at in my car right now, including the Afters. (My current claim to fame is Josh Havens, lead singer of the Afters. I was his Cub Scout den leader for a couple years!) Additionally our local Christian Rock FM station plays most of the bands listed on the above-mentioned site.

  • Gordon

    I do a weekly podcast on Biblical Archaeology called THE BOOK & THE SPADE. It’s at

  • jason

    Jill, Just Pete (the guy who does bored again christian) has been trying to get ahold of The Afters to use their music on the show. Any chance you can drop him a line with contact info for the band? Don’t have his e-mail off hand, but you can leave a comment at the site.

  • Jon S.

    R.C. Sproul has everyone beat, I think.

    Ligonier Ministries sells an iPod preloaded with 30 hours of ministry materials.

    Check it out at:

  • tmatt

    “What are the best religion news podcasts that you have found?”



    News podcasts are what we are looking for, folks….

  • Joel Anderson

    Hm – sorry, that wasn’t clear (enough) to me – your *last* line was “So what are you iListening to these days?”

    Vatican Radio is a regular thing I listen to -their RSS feed is

    Though their feed seems sporadic. Often it is easier to go to and download the days mp3 manually. I’d be curious to see if there ARE any (or many) religious NEWS podcasts – I don’t see anything in the Podcast Alley religion lineup. It would be neat if things like “Speaking of Faith” could be downloaded, but they seem to be (so far) Real Audio only.

  • Joseph LeBlanc

    Actually, I’ve been hearing a string of discussions about religion on all the non-religious podcasts I listen to.

    Here’s one involving the emerging church:

    …and G’Day World also recently interviewed a priest.