Missing link on Berkeley’s copy desk

monkey using typewriter lg nwmOK, gang, please do not read this tiny, funny little item and get sucked into yet another whirlpool of comments on evolution. And don’t tell me that some of my typos are as bad as the basic editing mistake in this story. I already know that, two.

Just sit back, relax, chuckle and ask the following question. We know that students in Berkeley (and adults too, I hear) are a bit on the strange side and do not like to conform to other people’s definitions of right and wrong. But does this apply to grammar?

So now, care of the copy desk at The Daily Californian, we have this:

As the debate surrounding evolution and intelligent design in public schools reaches a fever pitch, UC Berkeley faculty and students is at the center of the action.

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • http://rub-a-dub.blogspot.com Matt

    Oh, my! And to think I’m considering a graduate program there.

  • Beacon

    Your animated picture reminds me of the saying: ‘It’s been claimed that a million monkeys typing randomly for a million years would eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare. We know now from the internet that that is not true.’

  • francis

    I guess that they are following a new grammar rule. See:

    1) … UC Berkeley faculty and students is at the center of the action.
    2) A minority of UC Berkeley students and faculty are activists …

    So if we have faculty (singular) first, we will have a singular verb, if we have students (plural) first we’ll have a plural verb. Of course minority messes things up.

  • francis

    One more thing to the editors (since I could find no other way of contacting them):

    Have you seen and considered covering this “interesting” (to say nothing more) article in the London Times:


  • francis
  • Tom Austin

    The variation on Beacon’s saying is this: The Internet shows us that, while a million monkeys at a million keyboards might eventually produce the complete Works of Shakespeare, they’ll first produce a lot of monkey porn.

  • http://www.physicsgeekjesusfreak.blogspot.com Matthew M.

    Ewwww… how that mistake grates on the eyes…