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AnneRice smI cannot tell you how many times I have had readers ask me why so many religion-news stories seem to turn on the issue of homosexuality.

Actually, the issue at the heart of all this is broader — the moral status of sex outside of marriage and the sexual revolution in general. Behind that looms a mountain range of towering issues linked to ancient Christian doctrines, traditions and biblical authority. But it’s the fights over gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered that are getting the headlines right now. That’s what is making news.

For example, consider this update on the Rt. Rev. Doug LeBlanc’s recent post about the religious revival in the life of the controversial Anne “Interview With the Vampire” Rice. Her new book is titled Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and it is the first installment in a series on the life of Jesus.

Rice made news with her testimony that she has returned to the Roman Catholic faith. However, you just knew that sexuality questions had to be in there somewhere.

This is not surprising, since her writings have always been popular in the gay community. It is also not surprising that sexuality shows up in a lengthy report in The New York Times. Reporter Laura Millier is writing a feature story about Rice’s new home in California, yet we still get to learn:

In 1998 Ms. Rice rejoined the Roman Catholic Church for the first time since suffering a “total breakdown of faith” at age 18. “That was in 1960, before Vatican II, and I was a very strictly brought-up Catholic,” she explained. “I lost my faith because what I had been taught was so wrong.” An overwhelming desire to “return to the banquet table” and assurances from a priest in New Orleans that she didn’t have to resolve all her differences with the church (most notably over the issue of homosexuality) led to the reconciliation.

Well now, I wonder — when these books reach the adult life of Jesus — what we will learn about his relationship with Mary Magdalene? I would not be surprised in Rice’s series turns out to be a major event on the Christian left.

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • ocho

    only time will tell.

  • Martin

    I’m afraid of new converts/retro-verts to the faith that suddenly publish “deep” stories involving faith. Very few have their feet on the ground well enough to speak intelligently. Others seem to fall back to their old ways all too quickly or are, dare I say, jumping on the bandwagon for attention.

  • 1630r

    Madonna next?

    Martin, “There was a man who had two sons…”

  • Huw Raphael

    The issue will be in how good her priest is. We know that a strain of liberal morality runs all through modern churches so, if her priest tells her it’s ok to to X… do we have Anne Rice or her pastor to blame?

  • Glaivester
  • wyclif

    I believe you meant to say, “I would not be surprised *if* Rice’s series…”

  • Steve

    Anne posted on my blog an assurance that the book was about the Christ of faith, and nothing to do with Gnostic fads …

  • Jane

    Are you suggesting that a book describing Christ having a sexual relationship with Mary Maglelene would be well recieved by the Christian left? Maybe I don’t understand you last statement.

  • John Hetman

    The New York Times is about as reliable as the old Pravda and statements by Leonid Brezhnev. After the NYT having been caught so many times with inaccuracies, suppression of news and opinions, manipulation of facts, statistics and quotes, plagiarism, lying reporters, total nonsense, there seems to be a masochistic need for people to continue to read and quote from this aging snobrag that is losing money. I can understand liberals and those lost even further Left clinging like possum babies to the Old Girl. But why apparently bright and intelligent people who have the ability to discern?

  • Jack O’Neill

    Good comment,John Hetman. Bvie pravda, nie pravda applies to the NYT too. It’s like waiting for NARAL’s opinion on anything remotely related to abortion.

  • Avram

    Joh, what on Earth makes you think that those on the far left have any positive regard for the NY Times? For them, the Times has for decades been the paper of the bourgeois liberals and establishment shills.

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