Blogging the grilling

As a sidebar to the Divine Ms. M’s post on the Stephanie Simon’s abortion-coverage commentary, let me note that the Washington Post has its U.S. Supreme Court hearings blog up and running again. When I hit the blog this a.m., this excellent multi-media overview of the Samuel Alito grilling was topped by a banner ad for the dispassionate folks at NARAL Pro-Choice America. What are the other blogs that GetReligion readers are watching?

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Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • Dan Crawford

    After wasting more than an hour on the hearing yesterday, I concluded what I concluded after previous hearings, that the only form of intellectual activity senators are capable of is self-pleasuring, and the only straight answer one could give to the senators (which will never be given) is “what the hell am I doing with these idiots?”

    So many lost opportunities to have an enlightening discussion on the process of judicial decision-making, the meaning of law, and related matters – all lost because “my distinguished colleague from ” wants to show that although he or she may be as crooked and corrupt as any politician may be, he or she really is “smart”.


    Spare us.

  • Molly

    For a left handed look at the grilling, go to firedoglake.

    I agree with Dan, though and would ask the question, “What grilling?”

  • Avram

    How’s this for a photo?

  • Don

    By way of shameless self-promotion, Blog from the Capital, the weblog of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty (a 70-year Baptist church-state separation advocacy organization in DC) is following the hearings with an eye toward statements and questions on the issues of religious liberty and church-state separation.