Maybe SUVs really are linked to terrorism!

suvIt will be interesting to see how media coverage of yesterday’s unfortunate event in North Carolina develops. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, an Iranian-born man raised in Charlotte, drove an SUV into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. No one was killed and a handful were injured. The local ABC affiliate explains:

The driver of an SUV that plowed into a group of pedestrians at UNC-Chapel Hill on Friday told police it was retribution for the treatment of Muslims around the world, sources tell Eyewitness News and ABC News . . .

A law enforcement source tells Eyewitness News that Taheri-azar had been plotting the attack for some time and was prepared to die. Sources think he acted alone.

It’s great that Taheri-azar, who graduated in December, was such a bad driver. Anyway, this happened yesterday afternoon and I am surprised at how little coverage it has received thus far. The foreign press and local papers all over the country have stories, but I didn’t find anything in the New York Times this morning.

The Muslim student group on campus has already spoken out against Taheri-azar’s actions. When people claim religious motivations for their behavior, it invites a certain scrutiny. This would be another great hook for reporters looking to explore different interpretations of Islam. I bet readers, at least, would love to learn more about what motivates some Muslims to violence.

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  • Stephen A.

    Now, now, the media mustn’t anger the Muslims, now. I’m sure this will get only passing mention.

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  • Moon Light

    why you put this picture? the story about an Iranian guy. Do you mean specific thing?!

  • Mollie

    Moon Light,

    I put the picture up because I was intrigued by it. There are people who have been joking that SUV purchasers contribute to terrorism because of all the gasoline they use.

    And then the man in the story ran his SUV into a crowd (as part of a terror plan) and this SUV looks like it’s holding a crowd in terror.

    I realize the group in this image appear to be Muslim, but I was not making a point about that. I was just trying to link the SUV-terror image to the post.