What makes Falun Gong so angry?

falun gongWhat would prompt a New Yorker with a medical degree from the University of Chicago to yell at Chinese president Hu Jintao during a state ceremony and risk facing likely arrest and prosecution?

Apparently it’s nothing on the scale of domestic spying or holding foreign nationals captive without charges. No, those are likely small peanuts to Wenyi Wang, a believer in a religion that has been described as a “syncretistic update of Confucianism and Taoism.” For her troubles, Wang could face six months in jail.

Check out the Washington Post‘s take on the incident and the aftermath:

The White House had issued Wang a one-day press pass to cover the ceremony after she presented credentials as a reporter for the Epoch Times. Many of the newspaper’s staff members, like Wang, are Falun Gong practitioners, according to a newspaper spokeswoman.

Falun Gong is a Buddhist-based spiritual movement with millions of members in China and elsewhere. It became the focus of controversy when it was banned by the Chinese government in 1999 after followers staged a series of peaceful protests in Beijing. Founded by a Chinese soldier in 1992, Falun Gong in Chinese means “Practice of the Wheel of Law.” It blends meditation and martial arts.

Adherents say thousands of the group’s followers have been imprisoned by the Chinese government. The Epoch Times recently published articles alleging the harvesting and sale of organs from still-living practitioners held in Chinese labor camps. In the past, the harvesting of body parts from executed prisoners has been widely alleged and detailed in official Chinese government newspapers. The Chinese government has called Falun Gong an “evil cult” and accused its leaders of trying to overthrow the ruling Communist Party.

Terri Wu, spokeswoman for the Epoch Times, said Wang has a medical degree and doctorate from the University of Chicago and has been working for the newspaper for six years, specializing in medical issues. The newspaper issued a statement saying that it did not know that Wang was planning the protest. The statement apologized to Bush and the White House — but not to Hu.

The harvesting of organs from executed prisoners sounds like something any reasonable person would oppose. What is Falun Gong doing that prompts China’s leaders to dismiss it as an “evil cult” bent on overthrowing the government?

Other than mentioning “meditation and martial arts,” the Post article gives us little clue. Meditation and martial arts covers everything from Buddhism to Jackie Chan. Is Falun Gong really that broad or that dangerous?

The Post also published a brief sidebar on Falun Gong, but it leaves many questions unanswered.

This Wikipedia article on Falun Gong — disputed for an alleged failure of neutrality — contains some rich background, and anyone who has walked the streets of New York or Washington has most likely seen the group’s fliers. The information is out there, Post editors.

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  • Stephen A.

    Apparently “trying to overthrow the government” fears aren’t taken so blandly in China, where the paranoid Communist Party worries night and day about keeping control.

    A recent Frontline (US TV show) report noted that 80,000 anti-government demonstrations were held in China last year, up from 75,000 the previous year. I’d be worried about every new group that popped up, too, if I was a totalitarian government.

    The Wikipedia article is quite descriptive, and I’d recommend it before anyone either condemns OR defends this group and its rather complex belief system.

  • makina

    There’s only one big prob here…Wikipedia is polluted with anti-Falun Gong crap and hardly reflects the true teachings of the practice. It has become an outlet for Falun Gong to get further persecuted and slandered by Commie-like folks.

    BTW the founder has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize. So check the official website if you’re curious about the true nature of the Falun Gong at http://www.faluninfo.net. It is nothing but a harmless buddhist qigong.

    Three cheers for the Chinese activist who showed she really cares about freedom of speech in her appeal for her overseas chinese fellows who have no way to appeal for justice. Her goal was honest and good in trying to stop the blatant Communist party from shamelessly killing Falun Gong like flies…and stealing their organs first for profit. Truly disgusting! Shame on China.

  • http://dpulliam.com dpulliam


    Thank you for your thoughts on the Wikipedia article. If it bothers you, I say change it.

    Also, not to take away nything from Falun Gong, but being nominated for a Nobel Peace prize doesn’t mean much these days because nearly anyone can be nominated.

  • makina

    Actually changing Wikipedia sounds easier than done. When there is an army of pro-CCP and anti-Falun Gong folks undoing every changes that you’ve just posted on the website, well,the task becomes a bit overwhelming. It could be a full time job but it’s getting done bit by bit.

    BTW I disagree with you about the unimportance of being a Nobel Peace prize nominee. Because Falun Gong is under current persecution by the CCP-Chinese Communist Party and called an xxxx it is important for the world to see that the founder of Falun Gong is a peace seeker and do-gooder for humankind by attempting to stop a genocide in its tracks.

    I know the hatred and lies fabricated by the communists about Falun Gong and the founder don’t stand a chance but the world needs to hear the truth.

  • http://www.guardianpublications.com keeper of the keys

    The media is certainly thin on information about Falun Gong, and most other voices on the topic are either practioners or their state persecutors.

    An analysis of Falun Gong and its relationship to the Communist party has been written by Barend ter Haar of Leiden University. It is reasonably well balanced, moreover the author is well-qualified to put the whole issue in historical perspective.



  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    You would be better off going on the official websites to find out more about Falun Gong–trust me everything is out in the open as they have nothing to hide. Otherwise you are just getting a mix of other people’s personal views which does not always constitute the true portrait.

    Human rights groups have written tons of material on Falun Gong. Here’s a couple of examples.



  • http://swmolibertarianparty.blogspot.com Keith Rodgers

    Bush should not have apologized. Neal Boortz was absolutely on target on this issue.

    If we don’t stand up to the ChiComs *now*, we won’t be able to withstand them in the future, when they’ll be too big and powerful… if that hasn’t already happened.

    IMO, this woman should not be charged with any crime.

  • http://www.guardianpublications.com keeper of the keys

    Makina, admittedly the website I provided a link to is four years old now – but it does have links to a Human Rights Watch documentation of persecution (accurate to Jan 2002) which documents similar cases to those you give links to. Barend ter Haar’s status as an outside analyst does not make him unaware or inconsiderate of the persecution.

    You wrote:
    “You would be better off going on the official websites to find out more about Falun Gong—trust me everything is out in the open as they have nothing to hide. Otherwise you are just getting a mix of other people’s personal views which does not always constitute the true portrait.”

    Surely the official website of any organisation it more the “personal view” of that organisation than the analysis of someone who has no direct interests at stake? This is not to be suspicious of Falun Gong or to doubt that “everything is out in the open” – it is just a basic principle. (The same principle that leads us to trust impartial human rights organisations rather than state propaganda.)

    Please, we need “mix of other people’s” views on any topic. That follows naturally from Truth, Compassion and Forbearance (thre three principles of Falun Dafa), doesn’t it?

  • Kong Wong

    Falun Gong is infamous for “peaceful demonstration”/blockade outside of certain scientists’ apartment after the scientists voiced their opposing view on Falun Gong’s teaching.

    It is a one man cult not unlike Jim Jones and The People’s Temple.

  • Fabian

    Falun Gong’s purpose is to reveal to people the evil cult ccp (http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/4-12-26/25182.html)
    compare with Falun dafa practitioner’s aiming to be truthful,compassionate,and forbearance.

    Just for a comparision and if one still have conscience,he will sympathize those who are persecuted and tortured brutally by the tyranny of CCP.

  • Scott Allen

    TMATT asks, why would the Red Chinese be threatened by a movement that “blends meditation and martial arts?”
    Hey, anyone remember the Boxer Rebellion. People formed “clubs” based on religious practices that included martial arts. They then mobilized to influence/attack those Chinese who cooperated with the West, and then attack Western outposts in China as well. Regardless of the merits of the Rebellion, the Red Chinese have a long institutional memory and recognize the threat of any organization or religion founded and maintained outside the Party.
    Mainland China is certainly a far better place for its citizens than it was under Marxist/Maoism, but we all need to support freedom and recognize our true ally (Taiwan). That said, I must disagree with Keith Rodgers who says that “Bush should not have apologized.” We cannot have official government functions interrupted willy-nilly by anyone who has a complaint. Plus, honor the decorum necessary for the White House to successfully function. Protest democratically and peacefully, and if you claim to be an organization that will not overthrow the government in China, then start by not disrupting the government’s proper function in the U.S.

  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    I wasn’t suggesting that it is wrong to get third party’s opinions but simply cautioning you that it might be filled with slanderous messages. For example, this is a trusted Human Rights site: http://fofg.org

    Here are the views of Christian Leaders about Wang’s crime. I personally think that she deserves a medal for speaking up against Communist China’s crimes against humanity in front of the 2 most powerful men on the planet. Considering the urgency of the situation this was a desperate call for help–the US should re-assess their stance and priorities.

    (…)Also on Wednesday, the National Clergy Council and Christian Defense Coalition gathered at Georgetown University in Washington to hold a “Free Wenyi” press conference.

    Wenyi faces charges of intimidating, coercing, threatening and harassing a foreign official, and could face up to six months in prison and $5,000 in fines.

    Her hearing will be held May 3, ironically the UN day for press freedom, at the Washington DC District Courthouse. Christian leaders plan on organizing a protest at 8:45 am. The Christian groups called for a “broad-based coalition of all faiths to stand together” and are concerned that these federal charges are sending the messages to the world that America’s commitment to religious freedom is in question.

    “All Wenyi did was raise her voice and say President Bush stop the killing… Is it a crime to try and stop a religious persecution?” asked Rev. Rob Schenck, President of the National Clergy Council.

    Terry Marsh, lawyer for Wenyi Wang, stated, “She has the courage, a small petite woman, to speak out on death by dissection while alive. Could you imagine your own family having their organs removed? Drop the charges against Dr. Wang and a call an investigation.”

    Grace Nwachukwu from the National Clergy Council gave a prayer to stop the killing in China and to free Wenyi Wang.

    “I felt that this situation in China, the killing of a religious group—not even just the killing, but the dissection and removing of organs of a group—requires the help from God,” said Nwachukwu.

  • Murphy

    As the dictatorship in Beijing is heavily into controlling everything–and most especially the minds of the Chinese people–they freaked out when they discovered in 1999 that there were around 100 million people practising Falun Gong. That was a lot of minds freed by meditation that they couldn’t control. And yes, no doubt they hadn’t forgotten the Boxer Rebellion. Also, apparently Jiang Zemin was just plain old jealous that Falun Gong had more ‘members’ than the 65 miillion there are in the communist party. Word had spread about this powerful practice that could heal even the most serious diseases, and it swept China in a relatively short time.

    So, although most in the Politburo were against any crackdown against Falun Gong (word has it that many of them were also practising at the time), Jiang eventually got his way and started a vicious persecution that has claimed countless lives and caused much suffering and disruption within Chinese society. He thought he’d have it wiped out in three months, and uttered his now-infamous statement: “Ruin their reputation, bankrupt them financially, destroy them physically.” The powerful propaganda machine spurred into action and spread lies, misinformation and hate throughout China and the world to justify the crackdown.

    Jiang is now retired and in poor health, but apparently still holds some sway over the powers that be. Either way, Hu Jintao has made no effort to stop the persecution. Not surprising really, as he was the one who orchestrated how best to bring Tibet to it’s knees. His policies are not exactly known to be on the side of human rights.

    The link below contains a series of articles written by Ian Johnson (not a Falun Gong practitioner) for which he won the Pulitzer Prize. The articles provide some background on the situation in China leading up to the start of the persecution.


  • Q P

    >>“I know the hatred and lies fabricated by the communists about Falun Gong and the founder don’t stand a chance but the world needs to hear the truth.”
    The last time I checked, founder, Mr. Li claims he has supernatural powers, including flying and a celestial eye, just to name a few. Now if he doesn’t stand a chance, I’m not sure who will – superman was quite powerful.

    >>”Truth, Compassion and Forbearance”
    Is Falun Gong’s slogan, however, Dr. Wang was there as a reporter, not a protester – not very truthful.

    >>”Christian Defense Coalition” and “The Christian groups” calling for “broad-based coalition of all faiths to stand together”
    The last I checked, all other religions are considered faults according to Christians – don’t you think there’s a contradiction somewhere??

    Falun Gong teaches that its followers do not have to visit doctors to cure their illness – I can understand if it was for the common cold, but not for everything. “If” followers die because of this, and they influence others to believe the same thing, how much difference is that compare to a suicide bomber?
    What troubles me the most is a “movement” that is so bent on targeting China

  • Scott Allen

    QP, Christians support religious freedom everywhere, as long as that “freedom” means freedom of choice. It is true, however, that the practices of some religions can be so extreme as to be harmful to the participants. The example you provide, that of using a faith healer versus using a doctor, has been a subject of debate within christianity. Still, we would hope that if the mainland Chinese government has a preference, that it would be tolerant whenever possible.

  • Q P

    Scott, I hear what you are saying. However, China has a pop of 1.3B, with the bulk of the pop living in less developed city conditions and with little or no education. An (any) idea can spread through China fast and if ‘poor’ people hear about a ‘religion’ that can heal sickness w/o going to doctors (meaning w/o having to pay), I think you can understand the harm it will cause.

    Sadly, I believe that ‘freedom’ of choice is only for the educated. Just like you would not give a child a gun, because that choice might be a ‘bad’ one. Only in N.A. and other developed countries, can there be freedom of choice. A place like China, freedom of choice will kill the country, because people will not know what is a ‘good’ choice. Can you imagine how difficult it is to manage 1.3B people, provide food, housing, etc… I don’t think the gov want more headaches to deal with – can you blame them? Not that I agree with the way how the gov is dealing with Falun Gong or other religions, but I can appreciate their challenge.


  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    China is hardly a developing country–it is a country with a booming economy, strong military and an all-expanding space program. Spreading some of the dough to the north would solve many problems in China, economically anyways so there wouldn’t be that rich-poor gap and all that state of unrest.

    However, that wouldn’t change the nature of the Communist Party who likes to pocket the big bucks and repress and persecute its own people especially if they are Christians or Falun Gong. Of course, all human beings on the planet, including Chinese people deserve freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Human rights are for everyone, rich or poor. Basic needs such as housing, and food won’t cut it. Human beings are human beings after all and shouldn’t be treated like animal or disposed of if somebody needs a liver or a kidney.

    It is also common knowledge that many types of qigong, including Falun Gong, can cure illnesses. To my knowledge the Falun Gong are not forbidden from going to the hospital–why would they–practising Falun Gong makes them healthy. Just look up the health surveys that were done–nobody has ever died from practising Falun Gong even though the Communist Central Proganda Department would like everyone to believe their lies and slanderous information to defame Falun Gong. Moreover, there are many new age practices and esoteric religions who believe in innate powers such as telepathy and the third eye and advocate holistice natural healing practices such as yoga. That is nothing new either.

    But rest assure you don’t have to embrace the belief system of another faith to help stop a genocide. A genuine respect for humanity is more than enough. Just think…how would you like to be held and tortured in the chinese laogai because you won’t give up your belief–and have your organs harvested for the pretext of saving other’s lives and enriching the corrupt CCP.

  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    one more thing…I forgot to mention that Falun Gong, who’ve not once retaliated in the face of brutal torture, doesn’t pose a threat to China but it’s the Communist Party that poses a big threat (to humankind) by persecuting them.

    This large scale systematic religious persecution should be stopped and eventually the bad guys should be taken to justice. Sooner or later the voice of justice will be heard. Wang Wenyi’s shout was definitely a deperate cry for help to alert the international community of the terrible atrocities done by the Communist Party onto innocent people. The Falun Gong are being killed like flies for profit–that is far from being Christian-like.

  • Murphy

    Q, you mention a “movement” bent on targeting China, but that’ a wrong concept. Falun Gong just wants the persecution stopped–no more no less. If the CCP were to call a halt to the persecution tomorrow you wouldn’t hear another peep out of Falun Gong. We’re trying to get the senseless killing and toturing to stop, and one way to do it is by pleading with western governments to somehow intervene (which they don’t do because of the potential loss of trade dollars) and by raising awareness among the world’s people. Something’s got to give sooner or later.

    BTW, I recently saw some shocking figures on how many in a religion called the Family Church Christians have been murdered and/or persecuted since economic reform was introduced in China. I’m not sure quite whan that was, but 2.7 million of the 60 million members of this church have been arrested, that is, one in every 22 people. The figures break down like this: 440,000 sentenced to forced labour and re-education; 750 on the wanted list; 200,000 forced to leave their homes and go on the run to avoid arrest; 20,000 crippled from torture; 130,000 under surveillance in their homes; about 1.12 million fined by the authorities; and 10,000 tortured to death.

    This is just that within that one religion. And this is the government that’s gaining increasing influence in the world and that many–especially those who are disenchanted with America–look to as the world’s next superpower. If that happens, all I can say is God help us all.

  • Q P

    To be honest, one must respect the laws of each and every country, regardless of ones beliefs or values. In Canada, same-sex marriage is allowed and enforceable by law. If these ‘married’ couples enters a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage, will you say they are being discriminated? How do you defend the laws of one country that infringes on the laws of another? How different is that from China banning one religious practice vs. one’s personal choice of life style? Granted that I don’t believe the punishment befits the crime, but if it is law, its citizens must observe.

    There was a game I once played – broken telephone – from which I’ve learnt not to fully ‘trust’ on messages past on from distanced sources. “…harvesting and sale of organs from still-living practitioners…” I know there is a shortage of organ donors; however, I cannot understand ‘harvesting’ of organs. It’s not like you can go to the ‘organ’ store and pick out what you want and check out. To my limited knowledge, blood type must match and other compatibility tests run. I could be wrong, but I think living organs cannot be frozen and have a short ‘best before’. I hope this is not why UPS is advertising they will ‘get it there on time’. I would think if there are any truths to these astonishing stories from China, CNN would be there 24/7 to get to the bottom of it, especially with 2008 Olympics around the corner.


  • Murphy

    I understand your thinking, but as I see it, a law forbidding people to have their own spiritual or religious beliefs is unfair and unnecessary. Laws like that are all about mind control–something the commies are really into.

    There are two reasons the organs are harvested live: the “fresher” the organ the better it works; and a live organ fetches a higher price. And make no mistake–there’s huge money being made on this endeavour. The organs aren’t frozen. They’re taken from the “donor” and immediately transplanted into the recipient. The Falun Gong concentration-style camp at Sujiatun (which was closed soon after a witness spoke out about it in March, but apparently there are 36 more, some big enough to hold up to 120,000) was conveniently situated underneath a hospital.

    In China you can get an organ transplant in as little as a week, whereas in western countries the average wait time is about two years. This means that they have access to a huge organ bank–yes, almost like “an organ store.” How it works is they do a blood test on the prisoner, match it with a patient, arrange the surgery for a certain date, and execute the prisoner on that date. Also, in China now they have mobile execution vans. It’s a safe bet that they park by the hospital whenever they schedule an execution.

    I’m not sure about prisoners on death row, but the man who spoke out about Sujiatun said that the organs are taken live, and the bodies are burned after. CNN may not be ready to take this news seriously yet, but two Canadian human rights advocates, David Kilgour and David Matas, have launched an investigation. Let’s hope they get to the bottom of it before too many more die unspeakably horrible deaths.

  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    I’ve picked out three great articles that spell out the atrocities going on in China as we speak.

    BTW, dictators make the law as they go which they use as a tool to satisfy their bloodlust. Martin Luther King once said something like this (sorry I don’t have the exact quote) If the law is immoral, it is your duty to break that law. Well those Chinese people have the right to freedom of religion according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which China has signed–so it is actually the dictator Hu Jintao that is breaking the law.

    China’s Atrocities

    DEATH PENALTY: British Surgeons, Rights Groups Warn Chinese to Halt Organ Harvesting

    Why Wang Wenyi Was Shouting
    Is Beijing committing atrocities against the Falun Gong movement?

  • Q P

    In reading the above articles, a common source is ‘epoch times’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Epoch_Times – it would be nice to have more than one source of info.
    The article with reference to http://BEK-TRANSPLANT.COM smells fishy. Doing a lookup on domain BEK-TRANSPLANT.COM
    Registrant: Bek Transplant
    29 Yandang Lu
    Shanghai, Shanghai 55844 China
    Registered through: GoDaddy.com

    From this you would think it’s one of the medical building, correct?

    Doing a look up on “29 Yandang Lu Shanghai” returns
    Be There or Be Square
    5/F 29 Yandang Lu
    Tel 6387 6605, 6384 0500 http://www.chinarelosh.com/info/info_07_leisurelife.asp
    Strange in the same building on the 5th floor, there is a night club or bar
    Two more fact seems interesting. (1) bek-transplant.com is all (ONLY) in English, yet it says Korean, Japanese and other Asian countries are their clients. (2) their website is hosted in LA and their email @ is hotmail.
    Like I said before, broken telephone.

    I would be a bold as to say, any governing body intrudes Human Rights. If a person has true rights, s/he should never be told what s/he can or cannot do, unless the action ‘harms’ another. I should be able to drive above the speed limit as long as I don’t kill anyone – yet I cannot, only because there is a ‘potential’ of killing someone. Then again, walking down the street, I could fall and push someone into traffic and killing that person, so does that mean I should not go out? Human Right is not a ‘right’, but a privilege. A privilege that after a long struggle and suffering, be granted so that those who struggle and suffer will appreciate. This idea of human rights have had horrible consequences in N.A. Look at teenager killing each other. Teens in N.A. know that their ‘rights’ as non-adult will set them free from any crime. How can anyone defend that right? But if you take away that right, then, ‘you’ are no different than any governing body taking away the rights of its citizen. Again, granted that one cannot simply compare actions of teenagers to adults, but I think the idea stands.


  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    The organ harvesting is currently done in military hospitals in 29 provinces.

    Here is one more website full of up to date information about the 2 witnesses who first approached the Epoch Times to tell their story to the world. A few media have interviewed them so far.


    Let’s not forget that it took 5 years for the Holocaust to gain any credibility (it was too late by then) and the Jews were the first ones to print the truth in their own paper…this seems to be a repeat of that story. It’s the ‘never again’ part that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

  • Q P

    There are too many people in this world that wants to play the hero and defend the ‘weak’. However, they let their emotions control their words and thoughts without taking the time to reconsider their actions.

    “Despite the spiritual content of some of Li’s teachings, Falun Gong does not consider itself a religion and has no clergy or places of worship.” Taken from http://usinfo.state.gov/xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2006&m=April&x=20060416141157uhyggep0.5443231&t=livefeeds/wf-latest.html

    Because Falun Gong does not consider itself a religion, one cannot quote the freedom of religion issue. Therefore, China has not and is not suppress its citizens from freedom of religion – it is simply banning a practice/philosophy.


  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    According to the Human Rights group such as AI and the UN it is considered a religion and therefore it falls within the scope of a religious persecution…it is an emerging religion if you will.

  • Q P

    “emerging religion” – not to be insulting or rude, but emerging! I can understand that it’s ‘starting’ to be recognized as a religion, not emerging because it’s convenient – but it stated that it isn’t one, so how can they go back on their principles; not very ‘truthful.’

  • http://ahdu88.blogspot.com makina

    …the lingo has to do with the Human rights organizations who document these human rights crimes. It looks like they haven’t have time to create a category to fit in the Falun Gong genocide so they’re using their present structure. That’s all. It’s something to be improved upon that’s for sure.

  • Brad T

    Human Rights is a natural birth-given right.

    Committing crimes are against others’ right to live as decent human beings.

    Justice is well served when criminals are brought to justice.

    Committing a crime does not have anything to do with human rights “privilege” (so claims Q P) except being against human rights (Pls refer to the 30th Article Universal Declaration on Human Rights).

    So QP’s driving around is QP’s rights. Killing someone by accident will be judged according to the Rule of Law.

    (Rule of Law – something the current Chinese regime lack of due to its belief of its own superiority above all else.)

    I’d like to emphasize that an accident IS an accident. That’s why it’s called an “accident” in the 1st place.

    However, to drive a car right into someone with the intention of hurting or killing the person, that is a crime, and that’s against human rights.

    Therefore, human rights is a natural birth-given right to live as decent human beings. That’s why people are born free.

    QP’s idea stood near to nothing at all besides proving the fact that criminal behaviours are troubling society, just as the criminality of communism, since its birth, troubled humankind .

    It does not make any sense whatsoever to say shooting someone is the result of human rights, as the action of pumping bullets into someone else is really an action against human rights.

    Human Rights does not mean your right to do anything to hurt anyone under the sun. That ideology comes from communism, not Human Rights. (In Mao’s words, “Power from the Barrel of the Gun”.)

    When crimes are committed, criminals must be brought to justice. Therefore, Communism and its unrepentant servants must be brought to justice.

    Yes, QP, I hear of the “broken telephone” that you once played with. It seems people of conscience played with “telephones” too, but its the “un-broken” one.

    And Yes again, QP, medias and governments around the world will one day get to the bottom of crimes committed by the criminals (communists), which they always do and proven by history. It’s just not time yet.

    Well, Chinese communism – only 57 years of history…

    Communist parties never survived for more than a century anyway.

    Giving people choices, to do good, will not kill them. Communism kills them.

    That’s why communism can’t offer choices to the Chinese people. It is afraid that it will cease to exist. Yet, the funny thing is, it is just a system, and a very brutal one indeed.

    I sometimes wonder how a “system” controls human beings to such an extent when it should have been the other way around.

    Based upon QP’s so-called “human rights” rationality and constant methods of finding reasons to justify the brutalities committed upon Falun Gong-ers, I’m just glad that I wasn’t brought up in the sad state of China today.

    It’s like saying that it’s alright to kill, just don’t get caught.

    Shame on the communist party. What’s happened to the great Chinese land?

  • Q P

    I think much of what I said is taken out of context. I am not for or against and countries or religious freedom. I am simply making a statement that each country has their right to make law, human rights is a privilege, and to be for and against something, there should be sound reasoning – not just personal emotions.

    Example – if a general question ‘will you kill someone’ was asked, the mass answer would be no. However, that question is taken out of context. To put that question into context would be, ‘will you kill someone, if they are trying to kill you’ or ‘will you kill someone, if someone you love is in harm, like your child’. I think you will find the answer to this question will be different to just asking will you kill someone.

    To me, everyone should be free to make choices within the laws of the governing country – even if those laws seem unfair or unjust or unmoral. In N.A. the same type of struggles exist, e.g. abortion, same sex marriage, mercy killing, etc.

    I agree that we ‘should’ all be born free – free access to air, water, land, anything that is not manmade, free to live, to eat and survive. However, you and I know that is just not true. Can someone born in Ethiopia just pack up their things and move to N.A.? Are they ‘free’ to live, eat, to grow? Who has right to prevent others to land and food that is not manmade? Would you not say that freedom is a privilege to those who can ‘afford’ it? You and I can decide which restaurant to eat at, what car to buy, or the next toy to get, I consider that a privilege. People should be born free and have rights, but within context, unfortunately, it will be governed by the place where they live – most times that is just not fair. One cannot exercise freedom or rights if they do not have the means or the resources – but yes, they should still have it even if they cannot exercise it.

    Lot of people seem to hate China, is it because they might become the next super power – is it the same reason why people hate the current super power US? Like any manmade system, there will always be flaws and like most system it will break. Communism is only a label, so is democracy. Within US, people have democracy, but the country itself exercises dictatorship – just look at the past/current war and why they are there. Every country/system works for itself own benefit and lesser for its people. I don’t know why there is no balanced system, all these systems seem to be on the extreme side.

  • Youri

    This letter was written in 1899 by one of the greatest writers of all times, Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy (1828 -1910), the author of the famous War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

    The “Letter to a Chinese Gentleman” reads:

    “Individuals and societies are always in a transitory state from one age to another, but there are times when these transitions both for individuals and for societies are especially apparent and vividly realized…

    This transition consists in the necessity of freeing themselves from human authority which has become unbearable…

    The Eastern nations are placed for this purpose in especially happy conditions… not having yet lost faith in the necessity of the supreme law of Heaven or God…the law of Tao…

    You should free yourselves from unreasonable demands of your Government which exacts from you actions contrary to your moral teaching and consciousness.

    Only adhere to that liberty which consists in following the rational way of life, i.e. Tao and of themselves will be abolished all the calamities which your officials cause you…You will free yourselves from your officials by not fulfilling their demands, and, above all, by not obeying, you will cease to contribute to the oppression and plunder of each other.

    If the Chinese were only to continue to live, as they have formerly lived, a peaceful industrious agricultural life, following in their conduct the principles of their three religions: Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, all three in their basis coinciding: Confucianism in the liberation from all human authority, Taoism in not doing to others what one does not wish to be done to himself, and Buddhism in love towards all men and all living beings, then of themselves would disappear all those calamities from which they now suffer, and no Powers could overcome them.

    In order to free oneself from the evil one should not fight with its consequences: the abuses of Governments, the seizures and plunders of neighboring nations, – but with the root of the evil; with the relations in which the people have placed themselves toward human authority. If the people recognize human power as higher than the power of God, higher than the Law (Tao), then the people will always be slaves and the more so, the more complex their organization of Power … which they institute and to which they submit. Only those people can be free for whom the law of God (Tao) is the sole supreme law to which all others should be subordinated.”

  • http://mumonno.blogspot.com Mumon

    Just saw this website.

    Falun Gong’s words in English have been pretty distorted by and large by the media. I remember 2 stories- one in the NY Times, and one in the Wall Street Journal, of all places, that got it right.

    The claim that “Falung Gong” is not a religion is highly disingenuous at best; it also goes by the name “Falun Da Fa,” which more correctly asserts itself as a “superior” form of Buddhism, although most Buddhist scholars would say about it that they make up a great deal of stuff that has little to do with Buddhism.

    Li Hongzhe has claimed that only *he* can be the true source of “Falun” (which is yellow, in case you were wondering, but otherwise ill-defined except as a type of “energy.”) He has set himself up as a kind of successor to the Buddha.

    The things that got them in trouble was the claims made that they can do faith-healing, which in some instances has got people dead relying on it, as well as a Buddhist scholar bringing to the attention of the Chinese government the fact that this guy was basically talking smack about all forms of Buddhism – with the exception of “his.”

    China’s government is by no means perfect, but having heard these folks give their pitch myself, I can attest that they’re basically not a very healthy movement.

  • makina

    I’ve only heard positive feedback from practitioners about this practice which is typically (advanced) qigong of the Buddha School. Basically they feel great improvements with their health and mind with peace in their heart.

    The only thing unhealthy about it is the brutal seven-year persecution by the Chinese Communist Party using over 100 Stalinist-style methods of torture on the Falun Gong to force them to give up their belief. That is why 66% of the jails are filled with them which also makes them preferred target for illegal organ harvesting as the (Falun Gong) deaths don’t need to be accounted for. Take a look at the inhumane torture methods…


    Here’s a bit more specific information on the Falun Emblem which is thousands of years old.


    The Falun Emblem as described by Mr. Li Hongzhi in Zhuan Falun:

    “The Law Wheel of the Buddha School, the Yin-Yang of the Tao School, and the ten-directional world are all reflected in the Falun – the Law-Wheel.”
    “The configuration of Falun is a miniature of the universe and has its own form of existence and process of evolution in each of the other spaces. Therefore, I call it a world.”

    And a bit more about health benefits and miraculous recoveries, which by the way are experienced in many religions like christianity, buddhism and even in yoga. The miracles constitute the mysterious and mystical part behind the religion/faith. That in itself is nothing new and a good omen.

    Excerpt from Epoch Times on the Falun Gong Phenomenon:

    Practitioners report significant health benefits and inner peace from doing Falun Gong, and talk of unique energy sensations while performing the exercises.

    Falun Gong literature often cites research by Dr. Lili Feng, Associate Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, who has published scientific findings that Falun Gong exercises significantly boost the immune system. Her paper concludes: “Our studies suggest that Falun Gong practice alters immunity, cell death, and protein metabolic rate in a systemic fashion. Our findings further suggest that a new paradigm is urgently needed to understand the holistic link between human mind, body and spirit.”

    Professor Feng cites independent health surveys by five medical institutions in China. One conducted in Beijing concluded that Falun Gong delivered significant health benefits to 98% of its practitioners.

    For health benefits or peace of mind, Falun Gong practitioners come to the practice for a wide range of reasons and from many diverse backgrounds. While the teachings of Falun Gong are rooted in Chinese culture, practitioners say its principles are universal. Read the whole article:

    More on health benefits:

    People such as myself who try to help with the human right aspect of Falun Gong sure wish that more people will join in to stop the macabre organ harvesting from live practitioners in China — there is no need to embrace the belief system — a genuine respect for human life is all it takes.

    The way the CCP is treating the Falun Gong is not only affecting them but it is affecting all of us –it is the grossest insult to mankind.

  • http://mumonno.blogspot.com Mumon

    OK, let me go about this quite simply:

    1. “The Epoch Times” is hardly a neutral source on all things China, and especially Falun Gong.

    2. There is no “(advanced) qigong of the Buddha School.” There are methods in Buddhism that are blends with Taoism, that have some similarity to prana cultivation methods in Yoga, but there is no historical basis for Falun Gong’s claims. Period.

    3. Finally, there is simply no historical connection between some of Falun Gong’s claims and Mahayana Buddhism (or Theravada Buddhism for that matter).

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  • Murphy

    Spiritual fraudsters? I practice Falun Gong, and have to say that for the first time in my life, after trying many paths, I’m experiencing spiritual fulfillment, and really there’s nothing like it. And not only that, but I was a physical mess with health problems and depression before I started practicing. I’m now well and have a quality of life that was impossible before.

    Thanks to Beijing’s propaganda, there’s all sorts of bad stuff out there about Falun Gong, but of course none of it’s true. They have to spread lies to justify their vicious and relentless persecution. I know that Falun Gong is a good, upright and true practice, and that’s all I need to know. The people who are being tortured to death in China also know this, and that’s why they will die rather than denounce it.

  • makina


    I don’t debate that your buddhist sect is wrong…just because I don’t understand its dharma doesn’t make it wrong. Well it’s pretty much the same with the Falun Gong/Falun Dafa teachings which are widely misunderstood.

    To put it in broad terms, after fully enlightening in three schools (Buddhism, Taoism and Qimen) I understand that the founder took the best of each school and adjusted the content to suit modern society. So instead of sitting in meditation for a full day to get some benefits and refine the energy, one can achieve that goal in shorter span of time and even reach spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime. Believe it or not…that is what the buzz is.

    The essence of the teachings are thousands of years old and were only made public in 1992 by Li Hongzhi. Falun Gong spread like wildfire with 100 million practising it in over 80 countries–the fastest spiritual growing movement ever.


  • makina


    I’ve just come across this piece that I thought you might be interested in. No pressure — you don’t have to believe any of this — that is your choice.

    “Philosophy Of Falun Gong” Panel Discussion at the United Nations

    On March 25, Interfaith International, an NGO (non-governmental organisation), sponsored a special 2-hour panel discussion on the “Philosophy of Falun Gong” at the 58th Session of the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. Les Graves, the Secretary-General of Interfaith International invited three Falun Gong practitioners, who are all Ph.D.s, to explain the philosophical aspects of Falun Dafa.
    (full report)

  • Matthew

    Hi. Just took a look at this, and there is something that needs to be cleared up, both parties are getting it wrong.

    The problem is with the terminology. I’ve been a Falun Gong practitioner for many years, and when I first learned the practice I too was confused over this issue:

    Falun Gong is NOT related to Buddhism. It is NOT “Buddhist” (i.e. a follower of Buddhism”) and not of the “Buddhist School” (i.e. Buddhism).

    Falun Gong teaches that there are three basic “schools” in the universe: The Buddha School, Tao School, and Qimen School. The fact that the terms used are Buddha and Tao do not refer to Buddhism and Taoism. Yes, this is confusing at first—stay with me. Each “school” has thousands of different practices, and by following any one of those practices to the end, you reach enlightenment. The Buddha School places emphasis on the virtue of Compassion, while the Tao School places emphasis on the virtue of Truthfulness. It is mentioned in Falun Gong that there are 84,000 practices in the Buddha School and 3,600 in the Tao School. Most of them are taught in private, to only one person each generation over thousands of years. But, some are public. The branches of Buddhism and Christianity are considered to be part of the Buddha School. Taoism and Confucianism are considered to be part of the Tao School. Falun Gong is also a practice of the Buddha School (because it emphasizes Compassion), and has nothing to do with Buddhism.

    Essentially, it would be clearer to the Westerner (who automatically thinks ‘Buddhism’ when the term ‘Buddha’ is mentioned, and rightly so) if it were said like this: “Buddhism, Christianity, and Falun Gong are of the Compassion School, and Taoism and Confucianism are of the Truthful School.”

    But it’s not. Now add in the fact that some Falun Gong practitioners are unaware of anything in Buddhism—particularly Western practitioners, who may only be familiar with Christianity, if that. The problem starts when these particular practitioners, out of their enthusiasm for the practice, go around stating “We’re a Buddhist Qigong” or “We’re a Buddhist meditation practice.” It’s not that they’re lying, or being misleading. Not at all. It’s that the terminology is too similar.

    So unfortunately, this gets both parties into a debate, and ends up causing defenders of Buddhism to think negatively towards Falun Gong, when there is no need for either to do this. I always stress to practitioners to never use this terminology when describing Falun Gong. It’s just too confusing.