GR dips its pinky toe into Frappr

Consider this a friendly experiment in building community. I give you the GetReligionistas Frappr map. Sign up, friends, and give us a sense of where our readers live.

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  • Donna Newton

    My acquaintance with came from Terry Mattingly, whose father was the pastor who led my family to the Lord. We moved from Oklahoma to the Houston area. No one in my family professed to be a Christian. Before my mom died she told me Terry was a journalist. I found him surfing the internet. Today I received an email which said, “Let us know where you are, who you are and what not!” Here goes.

    I hold a BS in Education and an MA in Counseling. Each week I teach a Women’s Sunday School Class attended by about 16 women ranging from 25 to 92 years of age. One evening a week I facilitate a women’s small group. For 3 years or so I wrote a weekly devotional sent out by email to about 100 people. In my spare time I like to write, read, quilt and garden.

    My husband, Bert, (coincidentially the same name as Terry’s dad), is a bi-vocational Baptist pastor who served 13 years at a small church outside Nacogdoches, Texas and now serves in a small church near Portland, Oregon. We have 3 living children and 2 grandchildren.

    I have no idea what to do with the buttons above this box.

  • Tom Osanjo

    I knew about getreligion last month when i met terry- for the second time- at a workshop in Oxford, UK.
    About seven years ago i met terry for the first time at a similar conference for christians in the media, this time in Chichester also in the UK.
    i am a Kenyan journalist currently working with the United Nations in Nairobi as a writer/editor. i also coordinate what we call Journalists for Christ fellowship in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. my work basically involves mentoring young journalists and linking them with newspapers and broadcast stations so that they can get a chance to prove their worth and hopefully make journalism a career.still single, i am intent on making a mark in my generation for Donna, the buttons up there might as well have been in Greek- got no idea what they are for and hope this piece comes through.

  • Douglas LeBlanc

    Donna & Tom,

    The buttons above this box enable people to emphasize words in their comments.

    Let me translate:

    str = for strong, or boldface

    em = italics

    link = link to a site through highlighting one or more of your words. (I often write for The Living Church.)

    b-quote = blockquote (indent and shade text)

    code = I never use this, but maybe other readers will explain it for us.

    strike = strikethrough

    lookup = look up the meaning of a word on GetReligion.

    close tags = cleans up any mistakes in these codes.

  • David


    Thanks for the explanation. I’ve had no clue either and just ignored them in past postings. :-)

  • Will

    “code” is apparently someone’s idea of what people will want to use when citing programming source code.

    And I still do not understand what happens when I try to lookup lookup

  • mjbubba

    Well, it is nice to see my favorite bloggers start to become a community. The whole journalism field is in a stressful time of change, and religion is a vital part of life that needs to be covered well. Please keep up your efforts to call the attention of your fellow journalists to the incomplete/ uninformed/ poor job that they usually do of reporting on social issues with religious and moral dimensions.

  • jaygrelen

    doug, et al,
    I don’t want this posted for all the world to see my ignorance, but how do you register on the map? just by clicking on the link? i couldn’t figure it out. i apparently don’t know how to use the buttons either because noting happens when i click them.


  • Douglas LeBlanc

    Greetings, Jay:

    In the upper right corner of the page, you should enter your name and location, then the code (usually a mixture of letters and numbers), then click on Add Me.

    If you’re doing this and nothing happens, you may need to try a different browser.