Congratulations! AP does fine

GorskiOne more than a few occasions we (I?) have highlighted the work of talented Denver Post religion reporter Eric Gorski.

He’s had quite the exciting few months recently as he’s broken stories about sexual infidelities of area pastors and written a fair-minded series on the shady finances of a local megachurch.

So it is with great pleasure that I read the following story today:

Eric Gorski, the religion writer for The Denver Post, has been named to cover the beat for The Associated Press. The appointment was announced Monday by AP National Editor Brian Toolan.

Gorski, 37, has worked the religion beat for nine years, first at The Gazette of Colorado Springs and then at the Post, where he began work in 2003. He twice has won major honors from the Religion Newswriters Association — the Supple Award for Religion Writer of the Year in all circulation categories and the Cornell Award for Religion Writer of the Year for mid-sized papers.

A 1992 graduate of the University of Kansas, Gorski also has reported for The Oregonian. Gorski, who will be based in Denver, replaces Richard N. Ostling, who retired last year. He will be teamed with Rachel Zoll, who has been based in New York covering religion since 2001.

Ostling has big shoes to fill, but Gorski is an excellent choice. I’m particularly pleased that he will be stationed in Denver rather than on one of the coasts. I believe the wonderful Stephanie Simon of the Los Angeles Times is based there, as well. Must be something in the air.

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  • Jim

    I’ve actually met Eric Gorski, though it was some years ago. He spoke with a class on pop culture and Christianity, taught by Steve Rabey through Fuller Seminary’s Colorado Springs Extension. I’m slapping my forehead for having missed his name in your posts on the Haggard story… guess I needed the pic to go with it.

    In preparation for meeting with him, the class read a few of his pieces and we were invited to come up with questions based on those. I thought it was good of him to open himself up to our quizzing the way he did. Someone asked him a gentle question about his own faith convictions, and he gave a somewhat vulnerable answer, which surprised me. I think it surprised him too, because afterward he said, looking at Steve Rabey, “wow, you see, I actually gave up something!”

    He was and is a fine writer and journalist, and its nice to see him get some props, both from you and from the industry.