Mark DeMoss on being “dispatched”

Mark DeMossEarlier this month, I wrote that the Mitt Romney presidential campaign had “hired” Mark DeMoss, an evangelical publicist who focuses on faith-based organizations (and author of The Little Red Book of Wisdom). My use of the word “hired” was inaccurate, since DeMoss was not receiving any money from the Romney campaign.

The inaccurate assertion was based on a line in a New York Times article that said the Romney campaign had “dispatched” DeMoss to meet with conservative Christian leaders in various states, including South Carolina and Iowa. I saw “dispatched” and wrote “hired.”

The post was quickly corrected, but that didn’t keep me from being curious about DeMoss’ relationship with the Romney campaign and what exactly “dispatched” meant.

Thus, I asked and DeMoss wrote in an email earlier this week. Since his response adds some new content to an important story, here it is:

I am working as an unpaid advisor to the campaign, at my request, following a meeting I solicited with Gov. Romney last September in his office. I was then asked by the surrogate office if I would speak to pastors and religious leaders in several cities in SC and Ala. I agreed and gave them 4 days for this purpose. I’ve spent two of those (Greenville, SC; Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, AL).

I am using whatever influence I have to promote his candidacy. I would not take issue with the word “dispatched,” though I certainly don’t have to go anywhere.

So there you have it.

The record has been set straight and it’s clear that DeMoss is doing what he can to promote the Romney presidential candidacy, though he is not getting paid for his work. And in evangelical political circles, the DeMoss name is huge. As. In. HUGE.

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  • Debrar

    Isn’t this what all people do? Whether you are a politician or a businessman, this is a normal practice.

  • HokiePundit

    When I think of “dispatched” the first synonym that comes to mind is “executed.” Maybe I read too much scifi/fantasy.

  • Irenaeus

    Is this DeMoss related to the Arthur S. DeMoss (?) foundation, which, I believe, ran a bunch of pro-life commercials in the 80s or 90s?

  • Tracy Hall Jr

    Nice scoop, Daniel!

  • James Davis

    I’d like to know why Mark is helping Romney. I don’t expect him to stick to his fundamentalist roots (he was once Falwell’s flack). But he and the DeMoss Group have the stated purpose of promoting Christian ministries. Isn’t it quite another thing to trying to smoothe the way for an avowed Mormon, especially since he’s not doing it for money?