Who wants to be No. 50,000?

wjcmugbigAs I type this, there are 49,980 comments attached to the 4,157 posts spread out over the five-plus years of life here at GetReligion.

In other words, a milestone is going to fall here in the very near future, maybe by dawn (especially if the Divine Ms. M.Z. Hemingway knocks out a post on media coverage of post-Proposition 8 debates between gay and straight Mormons in the next few hours).

Just checking — still at 49,980. Things must have have quietened down a bit on the JournoList and “Flash! Vatican opposes birth control” posts.

Anyway, we think that whoever puts up the 50,000th comment deserves a small prize of some kind and we think we know what that should be.

While you can find a decently wide array of GetReligion.org swag over in our corner of the CafePress world, by far the most popular item is one that has chronic blogging written all over it — which would be the extra-large GetReligion coffee cup.

So whoever rings the bell at 50,000 gets one on us. Even if your name is Michael (and you know what I’m talking about).

The Rt. Rev. Doug LeBlanc and I are watching the WordPress Dashboard page and we think we know how to pick the winner.

Oh, one other thing. Yes, there is a GetReligion teddy bear at the CafePress site. There’s a GetReligion beer stein, too, which would be popular with many of our readers (think Lutheran, naturally) but not with others (hello, Southern Baptists who do not live in Louisville).

But we took down one of those items that grace many CafePress sites and, believe you me, we are not apologizing for that.

So. There.

P.S. Just checking and we’re at 49,981. The deacon is in the house. And Jerry, twice. Still counting.

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About tmatt

Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • Jerry

    Putting in my first of many posts to get the prize. No doubt the Cafe Press site is making all of you so much money that soon you’ll change the logo to “The GetReligion Press (TM) does get religion”.

    I have to ask what it is with Lutherans and beer? Teddy bears? Maybe there’s a ursine connection somewhere? Do bare bears bear beer?

  • Jerry

    My 2nd post – honest I’ll take a break after this. I have to issue a serious complaint about the religion coverage here; specifically all the smaller religions that are ignored outside of places like facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=35851686039&ref=share For those who are on facebook, we can drive up the hit count by looking for religions missing from this list that perports to be a list of all the world’s religions or by doing google searches and complaining about the coverage of some of them. Or if you do have facebook access, there’s the matter of the rank order that could be disected. For those without facebook access, here’s a sample from the bottom of the list. Maybe we can also stir up questions about the criteria for including some of these in the first place?

    410/ Church of the Last Testament
    411/ Urreligion
    412/ M?ori religion (New Zealand)
    413/ Jediism (New Zealand)
    414/ Earth religion
    415/ Kerista
    416/ Mariavite Church (poland)
    417/ Third Great Awakening
    418/ Brainwashing
    419/ Ethic of reciprocity(Golden Rule)
    420/ Church of the American Knights of the KKK
    421/ Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
    422/ Cult of Mother Goddess Li?u H?nh (Vietnam)
    423/ Anti-Masonry
    424/ Masonic conspiracy theories
    425/ The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
    426/ Antisemitism
    427/ Secret society
    428/ Satmar and Neturei Karta
    429/ New Thought denominations ,independent centers
    430/ New Thought movement
    431/ Law of Attraction
    432/ Branch Davidian
    433/ Dini Ya Msambwa
    434/ Rogerines
    435/ Left Hand Path
    436/ Nuwaubianism
    437/ Adjurist
    438/ Agapemone
    439/ Turlupins

  • Sarah

    I love you guys. And I want a mug. So I hope I win.

  • Mike

    I want the mug!

  • Mike

    I really want the mug!

  • Mike

    Can I have the mug please?

  • Mike

    I just thought of 20 comments. Does that count?

  • Jonathan

    I don’t know – I think it would be great if the winner were one of the throwbacks – Steven A., Avram, or Michael. I know there were others who were much more frequent commenters 2 years ago that I hardly ever see now. Maybe Joe, huh? ;-)

  • Jonathan

    Or how about Jeff Sharlet from The Revealer?

  • Mike

    Just kidding. I love the blog and am an RSS feed subscriber. Keep it up! (And the mug should probably go to a regular commenter, so I shouldn’t get it.)

  • Jonathan

    Jerry, based on your list, is Anton LeVay’s Church of Satan higher on the list, or lower?

  • Jerry

    Jonathan, I don’t know but I do know that two religions are not represented: Cthulhu and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Also, there are atheists who insist that their non-belief is not a religion and so would dispute putting atheism on the list. I have trouble parsing double-negatives, so I won’t dispute their negative assertion.

  • dalea

    Yesterday was a major Wiccan holiday, the Vernal Equinox, known as Eastera, the Anglo Saxon spring Goddess. Has anyone seen any coverage of this?

  • http://jsilvie.blogspot.com Jason Silverthorne

    I don’t that trying to be the 50,000th commenter is something I aspire to do. Seems like a waste of time. In reference to Lutherans above, I strongly recommend reading http://fatherhollywood.blogspot.com

  • Meggan

    I love your site and read it often. Pick me! Pick me!

  • http://www.millennialstar.org Ivan Wolfe

    I wonder why Get Religion hasn’t covered the finale of Battlestar Galactica. I’m sure there’s a whole host of religion ghosts there. See my oft linked to post here:

    Or not. Whatever makes y’all happy. Did any of the Get Religion types follow the show at all?

  • danr

    As one of this site’s most devoted (in all senses) readers, I would really like a shot at the mug (a mug-shot?)

  • http://www.tmatt.net tmatt


    I’m interested.

    Send in a URL for a MAINSTREAM publication source on that story. I have geek friends who are WAY into the theological debates of the whole thing.

    I would have answered a bit earlier, but that would HAVE MADE ME No. 50,000. Horrors.

  • Joseph H

    Love the site. Actually found out about this site after hearing you speak at the big international religious freedom conference last summer when I was interning at USCIRF. Anything designed to hold beer or coffee from this site would be treasured by me and used often. Thanks for the ghost stories.

  • Jerry (the other one)

    Keep up the great work, and I could use a new coffee mug!

  • http://www.jonswerens.com Jon Swerens

    I hope someone more deserving than I gets the mug. So here’s to helping push the number up one more.

  • Jill C.

    I’m mostly an ignorant lurker who is becoming more informed by reading GetReligion on at least a semi-regular basis.

    (My husband and I cancelled our subscription to the Dallas Morning News earlier this month. No more paper here!)

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/crunchycon/ Rod Dreher

    Now, now, why you wanna go do a thing like that, and make my children eat commodity cheese?

  • http://www.millennialstar.org Ivan Wolfe

    So – who won?

  • http://goodintentionsbook.com bob smietana

    Got to get me one of those mugs.

  • Ian

    I can see that the mug is not in the cards for me, but I will make a point of purchasing one for my next birthday. I discovered you guys through the Revealer, and I can say that you have been a great influence on how I discuss issues of any sort, both professionally and personally. I am not a journalist, but “getting religion” is a chronically underrated pursuit in much of popular discourse (including in academia, where I work). I can honestly say that your incisive questioning of assumptions has added depth to my approach to the world.

    Thanks a heap!

  • MichaelV

    Hey… regarding that last link. A while back I seem to remember you soliciting suggestions for a new image to use for posts related to the Anglican Wars? I seem to remember frequent posts about the media’s insufficient coverage, which was often limited to a few sex-related wedge issues…

    JK, just being cheeky.

  • Stoo

    From Jerry’s List:

    72: Shapeshifting Reptilian Humanoids

    I demand more coverage of this faith!

  • http://puttingoutthefire.blogspot.com Frank Gillespie

    Congrats on 50K(ish) comments! You guys are always a favorite read of mine.

  • http://www.scarebaby.com Scarebaby

    Gosh, with that many comments, I’d be a fool not to let folks know that I have a Cafepress shop too! And i sell thongs!

    did i win? :)