Farewell for now

entry-no-exitjpg2As some of you know, my time as a regular contributor at GetReligion is coming to an end due to other commitments relating to my legal career. I hope to continue to contribute from time-to-time on various issues, however I know I will miss regularly contributing to the community in this space.

During my journalism career, I never regularly reported on religion, but when I did, I developed a sincere appreciation for the challenge as well as the professional and personal satisfaction the experience provided. I hope my critiques and praises did a little something to elevate the practice. I know I have learned a tremendous amount in this experience.

I am extremely grateful to Tmatt for the opportunity he gave me nearly four years ago when I was a “practicing” journalist, and I am also thankful for the flexibility he and the other contributors here had when I transitioned out of practicing journalism on a regular basis and into law school. Journalism will always be apart of who I am and I am grateful that this site provided me with an outlet to continue to be apart of the journalism community.

I am also thankful for those of you who participate in this community, particularly those of you who submit articles with your own commentary. In attempting to cover religion news in the “heartland” of America, your contributions were invaluable. Most importantly, thank you to all the religion journalists out there for continuing to plug away on your beats. Obviously I couldn’t do much at GetReligion without your work.

As for my next steps, this summer I will be working at an Indianapolis-based law firm and preparing for my final year of law school. In the fall, I will be serving as editor-in-chief of my school’s flagship law review — the Indiana Law Review. It is an opportunity that I am sure will be both exciting and daunting at many levels.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wonderful wife Noelle for four years of editing nearly every single one of my posts. When she was absent from reviewing my work, many of you with an eye for editing noticed and let me know.

Farewell for now, but I won’t be far away.

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  • sad

    It’s always been a pleasure to read your writing, Daniel. Thanks for your time and efforts over the years. Best of luck at law school.

  • Julia Duin

    Best wishes, Daniel! You’ll be making a lot more as a lawyer than as a journo!

  • http://www.followingthelede.blogspot.com Sabrina

    It was always a pleasure to read your work, Daniel. It may well be that I’ll take the image of the American accordion player in a roomful of grooving Afghans to my grave. :-) Best of luck to you.

  • Jerry

    Daniel, best of luck to you. Your voice here will be missed.

  • stoo

    Good luck!

  • FW Ken

    Best wishes, Mr. Pulliam. It’s been a pleasure reading your work.

    Don’t kill yourself doing law.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Good luck, Daniel, and may the real Force (the power of the Holy Spirit) be with you.

  • James

    Gonna miss you!

  • FW Ken

    BTW, I meant to say: I still disagree with you on there being a substantive secular difference between civil unions and civil marriage.
    :-) :-)

  • Chris Bolinger

    Who’s gonna cover sports now? :-)

    I am sure that you enjoy being back in the heartland. I hope that you stay here. I know that I will.

    All the best, Daniel.

  • http://www.tmatt.net tmatt


    This will be a crisis, for sure.

    I will roll out an attempt (sort of) to fill the vacuum later today.

  • Tom S.

    Thank you for your work here. God Bless.