The sin of sexual immortality?

A reader sent in this video from an award ceremony for the Heartland regional Emmy’s. In the longer clip (a portion of which is excerpted here for your viewing pleasure), there are all sorts of nominees from my native state of Colorado. I guess we’re Heartland.

Anyway, among the various awards distributed, there’s one given for Performer/Narrator of a broadcast segment. The first two nominees are for performers with KAKE-TV in Wichita and Plum TV in Telluride. But the winner is one Vida Urbonis with KRDO-TV. Congratulations Ms. Urbonis!

The awards ceremony features a clip from the winning entry in which we hear narrator Urbonis say:

“Mike Jones, a gay escort, came out with allegations of gay sex and drugs . . .

Haggard initially denied the charges but later admitted to the sexual immortality.

He received a payment of $300,000 from New Life. He and his family then moved away and agreed to lay low.”

Now, I don’t think that Haggard admitted to what Jones claimed, per se, so the use of “the” is misleading.

But what was that? Did someone just get a narration Emmy for claiming that Ted Haggard admitted to sexual immortality?

Oy vey!

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  • Courage Man

    Yeah, Haggard admitted to sexual immortality … he converted to Mormonism and that was a reference to his celestial marriage

  • Jon in the Nati

    Yeah, Haggard admitted to sexual immortality … he converted to Mormonism and that was a reference to his celestial marriage.

    I just flew in from Kolob and wow, are my arms tired!

  • Joel

    Sexual immortality sounds like something a spam e-mail would promise.

    And did he really agree to lay low? Surely a journalist knows better than that. (It calls up the question “Who’s Lo?”)

  • BJ Mora

    I’m sure readers of this fine blog have read that Mr. Haggard has started his own church in Colorado Springs within the past few weeks. I saw reporting which characterized his former church, New Life, as “wishing him well” in his new venture. or. referring another reporter to a November 2008 statement from the church (when Mr. Haggard, I believe, was asked and granted to be released from supervision of his rehabilitation) where the church stated that Mr. Haggard had not completed said rehabilitation.

    I couldn’t find any such statement on the New Life church website…

  • Will

    Is he smuggling gulls over a state lion for immortal purposes?

  • Dan Berger

    Will, that’s “transporting gulls across a STAID lion for immortal PORPOISES.” See also the version in which the food is a rare myna bird.

  • Will

    I thought it was a SEDATE lion.