About that podcast logo … (updated)

It’s time for an incomplete announcement.

As you may have noticed, the left sidebar of this here website now includes a new version of the GetReligion logo — one that says “podcast.”

You may also have noticed that, at the moment, this link does not work.

It will — very soon. It should be working today. The logo will also be our usual blue color, as opposed to black, but that’s another matter.

These podcasts are a joint project of GetReligion.org and the pros at the IssuesEtc. radio program in St. Louis, Mo. This is a pack of serious Lutherans who — no surprise here — are friends of the Divine Mrs. M.Z. Hemingway. They are also the rare people in religious radio who take a basically mainstream approach to discussions of the news. It’s talk radio, no doubt about it, but with no shouting and very little snark.

GetReligion folks have been interviewed oodles of times by the IssuesEtc. team, primarily about timely posts about major stories in the news. You know, normal radio stuff. We promise that there will be no altar calls or appeals for funds.

A few months ago, GetReligion co-founder Douglas Leblanc (his current blogging status is inactive, alas, for professional reasons) had an interesting idea, during a kind of blue-skying chat session about this site. If GetReligionistas were going to be on IssuesEtc. from time to time, why not simply use that material in a podcast. Duh.

Why “Crossroads”? Well, you mean other than (turn it up) my love of Eric Clapton? I thought it was yet another pun — like the term “Get Religion” itself — that captured the fact that religion and the news keep colliding and there is no way around that.

The basic idea is for each podcast to go deeper on a topic that drew one or more posts, allowing us to spend more time talking about the stories behind the stories and what we think is going on in the coverage. We’ll also have a chance to talk about things that come up in the “comments” pages.

I’ll be on once or twice a month and the same goes for MZ. The other GetReligionistas will drop in about once a month, when they have the time. The goal is one a week.

It takes a little while to get iTunes up and running, but we plan to be over there. The IssuesEtc. team has uploaded the first podcast — it’s about Pastor Terry Jones and Co. — but the link is still broken between the digital file and the logo.

Please hang in there with us. It’ll be working in a few minutes (or hours).

UPDATE: And this just in. The podcast link is working and that first podcast is there for downloading. I’ll let GetReligion readers know when the iTunes version is up and running.

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About tmatt

Terry Mattingly directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. He writes a weekly column for the Universal Syndicate.

  • Jeffrey

    Who is funding this? When you say “joint project” are you saying the LCMS is a financial backer?

  • http://www.tmatt.net tmatt

    IssuesEtc. is independent — a condition that made quite a bit of news, as you may recall. The MSLC leadership canceled it. The show is now listener supported.

  • Jerry

    Will an archive list of which topics are on the podcasts be available here so the “search getreligion” function can pick them up?

  • http://www.tmatt.net tmatt

    I assume not, since that would require the ability to search sites such as iTunes.

    But simply clicking on the logo would take you to a list of the dates and topics, once we have that running.

    I would also assume that a simple search of iTunes would find topics. Right? Search for “GetReligion” and “fundamentalists” or something like that?

  • kristy

    Been there. (My podcast is kindergarten songs for families that attend the schools I teach at.)
    If this works like my Blogger account, iTunes will keep track of what you have here by doing this:

    1. Open iTunes
    2. Click on the ‘advanced’ tab and navigate to ‘subscribe to podcast.’
    3. In the box, either type or cut and paste the following: http://getreligion.libsyn.com/rss
    4. click ‘OK’
    5. Now the podcast should show up in your iTunes playlist when you click on ‘podcasts’ in the left pane.

    It keeps track of all of the podcasts, saves them to your iTunes library, and will (I think) automatically download.

    No charge :)

  • kristy

    Yup, it works with iTunes. Listened & enjoyed!

  • Elias

    I’m pleased that you got Todd Wilken to host it. It sounds very professional and covers the issues from this blog in a very clear way. I look forward to hearing the other episodes.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Just listened to the podcast – nice work, Terry!

  • GhaleonQ

    Like I need another podcast in my queue.

    …*downloads immediately*

  • Jay

    Hey, could you get them at the website to say more than “Crossroads 9 21 10.mp3″? Like “Terry Mattingly talks about Presbyterians” or some such?