Pod people: Boycotts and puppies

Several of you felt passionately about Archbishop Charles Chaput’s boycott on the New York Times and jumped into a lively discussion about expectations between religion reporters and religious leaders. Then we discussed the various challenges for reporters with online media and how reporters balance puppy stories with broccoli stories. Guess what: I discuss these juicy topics on our third GetReligion podcast.

Load the podcast, right click the “direct download link” and save the file to your computer desktop. Drag it into iTunes files or where you keep your audio files. When we have the RSS feed running, Android people (like me) can download the “Listen” app from Google and listen from your phone.

My podcast time tends to come towards the end of the day when I’m doing dishes, taking a walk or going on a bike ride. How do you find time to listen to podcasts? What’s on your list?

My podcast subscriptions include “Fresh Air,” “On the Media,” “This American Life,” “Radio Lab,” “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” and Slate‘s “Political Gabfest.” I don’t listen to each episode, but each podcast caters to my various interests: interviews, analysis, stories, geekdom, humor and conversation. I dream of meeting Terry Gross, Ira Glass and Peter Sagal one day. Go ahead, judge me. Tell me what podcasts I’m missing out on.

Give us some feedback. What do you look for in a podcast?

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  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    I should note: if you want to listen directly on your computer, click the “pod” icon, and a gray screen with the player will come up and start playing.

  • Francis X. Maier

    This is a great idea. The wider the discussions this site generates, the better.

  • Jerry

    Sarah, I have to confess that I don’t listen to podcasts or watch lengthly videos except on very, very rare occasions one of which just happened: Oprah’s interview with J. K. Rowling http://video.the-leaky-cauldron.org/video/1629 which, amongst other things, had some coverage of her spiritual beliefs especially the power of love which in the end overcomes evil.

  • Pamela Zohar

    I don’t do pods. I would prefer to read – for me it’s faster and I retain the information far better if I see it.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Thanks, Francis. Hopefully it’ll give people a different kind of voice.

    Jerry and Pamela, I’m mostly on the same page as you are (ha!), but sometimes I like to listen to something in the car, when I’m doing dishes, etc. It allows my brain to wander and think about what the person is saying. But….I’m a writer and feel partial to the printed word. :)

  • http://rub-a-dub.blogspot.com mattk

    Because I am always with my kids anything I listen to must be Christian kid friendly. So, even though I would love to listen to Fresh Air I can’t around my kids. (Wow, remember the Gene Simmons interview?)

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Matt, GetReligion’s podcast is Christian kid friendly…at least so far. :)

  • http://blog.emergingscholars.org Mike Hickerson

    Since I don’t commute, I usually listen to podcasts while exercising or on an airplane. I like podcasts that keep me engaged, but don’t require me, say, to be at a computer taking notes or following instructions (like a lot of university or tech podcasts that I would otherwise listen to). My regular listening includes Mars Hill Audio (which really isn’t a podcast, per se), the Books & Culture podcasts, and, of course, ESPN’s BS Report with Bill Simmons. I’ll also occasionally listen to NPR’s All Songs Considered when I’m in the mood for new music.

    mattk, the Terry Gross-Gene Simmons interview was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard on the radio. (But yes, not kid-friendly). Also, since I regularly refer to a couple of academic papers by sociologists Neil Gross and Solon Simmons, I’m often tempted to click on the wrong “Gross Simmons” Google result.

  • GhaleonQ

    Video game podcasts take up a lot and comedians’ podcasts (Greg Fitzsimmons, The Long Shot Podcast, The Biggest Mistake, and the like) are probably not to your sensibility, but The Sound Of Young America and Jordan, Jesse, Go are the best podcasts on the Internet. Ira Glass for young people and the funniest podcast there is are run by the same person.

  • http://sarahboylewebber.blogspot.com/ Sarah Webber

    A Wait Wait fan on Get Religion? That’s just awesome!

    My favorite local NPR show to catch up on online is Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. Almost always family friendly, Marty covers a huge range of topics in a calm, reasonable fashion. Check her out.

  • http://blog.emergingscholars.org Mike Hickerson

    Sarah Webber,
    Well, there are at least two Wait Wait fans in the GR community – I just love it enough to listen on the radio. :)

    BTW, I would be remiss if I didn’t put in a good word for InterVarsity’s Podcast, which often features Christian writers and academics who don’t get much coverage in the MSM.

  • Ben

    I didn’t bother with podcasts until I moved out of the USA. Now I listen to On Point with Tom Ashbrook, This American Life, and the Moth. They keep me distracted as I exercise and keep me a little more connected to the thought currents back at home.

  • http://sarahboylewebber.blogspot.com/ Sarah Webber


    I have two small children who are intolerant of my radio listening preferences on Saturday afternoons. It used to be that my family knew not to call me on Saturdays when Wait Wait was on, but, man, are those days gone.

    BTW, Tom & Lorita Boyle are my parents. I have always called myself an IVCF brat since all my babysitters growing up were Staff members and Campus by the Sea is my home away from home.

    Cool website. Thanks for the link


  • http://www.siena.org Sherry Weddell


    I’ve never met Ira Glass but I did sit in the booth next to his at a little restaurant in Alexandria, VA. When I heard the oh so familiar voice, I had to look – and it was Ira.

    Mike, Thanks for the good word about the InterVasity podcast. I must check that out.

  • Tracy

    Just downloaded it via iTunes. Thank you! I am normally more of a visual person, but i find that podcasts help pass the time when running – and driving. And when it comes to driving, it’s better for all involved if I’m calm and collected :)

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Thanks for all these tips. I also like the Moth and Books and Culture. I saw Wait Wait in Chicago live in Millennium Park, and it was fun to see how much the actual show is edited down.