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Tennessee trend piece hits the mark

It’s a simple thing, really. One of the mantras of GetReligion is that journalists should give people of faith the opportunity to explain — in their own words — what they believe. In a recent trend piece on Unitarian Universalists, Godbeat pro Bob Smietana of The Tennessean in Nashville did a nice job of that, [Read More…]

Digging deeper than Tebow as ‘nice guy’

Another National Football League weekend, another chance to put Tim Tebow’s name into digital print — making glad the hearts of leaders who live day after day in the world of Google and other search engines. There is no breaking news about Tebow, at least not that I know of, but I remain fascinated [Read More…]

Crazy Charlie: His cartoons are insane

In this week’s podcast Issues Etc. host Todd Wilkin and I discussed two of my recent GetReligion stories: “Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad Cartoon Crassness” and “Foggy Bottom’s ‘pantywaist protocol pussy-footers’.” Starting with the press coverage on the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Cairo and consulate in Benghazi, the articles (and our discussion) moved on to [Read More…]

Missing canaries in the Damascus coal mine

I realize that, as a member of an Antiochian Orthodox Christian parish, my concerns about events in Damascus, Syria, are going to focus on religion more than those of the average news consumer. After all, the Patriarchate of Antioch is located in Damascus, on the “street called Straight.” (Acts 9:11) The various flocks of Christians [Read More…]

Meanwhile, back at AP’s sausage factory

On Thursday, I highlighted a fine piece of journalism produced by The Associated Press’ filet mignon department — where reporter chefs with unlimited time, space and resources whip up the kind of delectable stories that win big prizes. However, most AP journalists perform grueling labor in a different department — let’s call it the, uh, [Read More…]

Vatican either affirms or reverses priest’s suspension

In July, we looked at some of the media coverage of a priest who was removed from his parish by Bishop Edward Braxton of Belleville, Illinois. He wasn’t just removed from his parish. Braxton also removed his faculties. There were some problems with the previous story dealing with how those faculties were characterized and what, [Read More…]

Big tragedy, big money in Big Apple

Back in April, I weighed in on a claim that my former employer, The Associated Press, is “desperately seeking Pulitzers” and relaxing its news standards. I defended AP against such criticism, although I questioned my position just a little soon afterward. But today, I come to praise AP, not to bury it … In recent days, [Read More…]

We’re all blasphemers now

Never a dull moment on the religion news beat. And the latest clash is a full-on battle over blasphemy laws. There’s been a fair amount of coverage. Here’s a Washington Post story headlined “Egypt’s President Morsi tells U.N.: Insults to Muhammad ‘unacceptable’.” One thing I liked about the piece was how it gave three full [Read More…]