Pod people: saying goodbye

Friends of GetReligion, it is time for me to tip my hat and say farewell. It’s been a good ride, three years of working with excellent colleagues. I’ll give one final post with some reflections, but first, in my last podcast, I tried to address a few posts that have encapsulated some of the issues [Read More…]

A religiously fashionista story

I love a good fashion story, especially one that taps into religion behind the inspiration for the different styles. The Associated Press recently assessed the state of style among evangelicals in Brazil, no small story for the potentially steamy topic. Strolling down the main shopping drag in this working-class Rio de Janeiro suburb, it’s not [Read More…]

Romney is still Mormon? Stop the presses

It’s almost obligatory now for religion reporters to write their own version of “Romney is a Mormon,” ensuring readers know precisely what they’re getting into if they vote for him in two months. Or you have the general assignment reporters who think no one has already written that tired narrative. In this case, we have [Read More…]

Remember Chick-fil-A? Still making news!

Even as we head into beautiful fall color changes, we’re still talking about Chick-fil-A apparently. No news becomes news apparently, if you read this Associated Press report that spends most of the story rehashing what happened earlier this summer. Chick-fil-A is once again in the public relations fryer. The controversy flared up this week when [Read More…]

Changes in the Godbeat

The Godbeat (or religion beat) is in the middle of some major shifts again, ones that can leave glaring holes in several newspapers across the country. For instance, we watch and read several religion blogs, including Reuters, RNS, CNN, among others. One we regularly read was USA Today‘s Faith & Reason, run by Cathy Lynn [Read More…]

Attention: Your next must-read sports piece

Stop whatever you are doing. If you read one story this week, make it this one from Grantland. But brace yourself. The piece is more than 7,000 words. Add it to Instapaper, Pocket, bookmark or whatever you use to read stories later, because you’ll be in it for the long haul, at least in Internet [Read More…]

The Economist chides Catholic Church on its finances

When a story uses extra adjectives or adverbs to pretty up a story, you know something might be fishy. If the information, data and narrative can’t speak for themselves, it’s worth reexamining the piece more closely. I had that fishy feeling when I read The Economist‘s lengthy piece on the Catholic Church’s finances amidst the abuse [Read More…]

Should abortion get some coverage, maybe?

Two deaths this week give the media a chance to cover significant changes in women’s sexuality within the past few decades. Helen Gurley Brown, former editor of Cosmo and author of Sex and the Single Girl, died Monday. On Tuesday, several leaders sent a flurry of statements on the death of Nellie Gray, the founder of the March [Read More…]