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Reporters, Baptists, Romney & ‘cults’

Let’s see, how long is it until the GOP primary in South Carolina? Oh well, whatever, never mind. Apparently, it’s time for another round of the Mitt Romney theology wars. This whole drama is packed with all kinds of religious lingo and complicated arguments, all of which tend to get mashed into meaningless mumbo-jumbo by [Read More...]

Those fundamentalist missionaries

You know those shoes with the little “TOMS” logo on the side that hip people tend to wear? They’re kind of loafer-like but for the cool kids. There was a mini-dust-up over the weekend when the founder of the shoe organization distanced himself from Focus on the Family, you know, that organization that James Dobson [Read More...]

Fundamentalists and other S.O.B.s

Benoid Denizet-Lewis had yet another a fascinating story in the New York Times this past weekend. This time it was about Michael Glatze, a former gay rights activist who has since renounced his past. The two used to be friends and colleagues at XY, a San-Francisco-based national magazine for young gay men. It’s a news [Read More...]

Demonize the opposition, chapter 666

You know a story is going to be bad when the headline is “National Organization for Marriage crusading against gay nuptials in NY.” Crusading! Hide your kids! Hide your wife! But the headline to this New York Daily News article by Douglas Feiden might actually be the highlight. It quickly goes downhill from there. Take [Read More...]

When French fundamentalists attack

The photographic image accompanying this post is not the work of Andres Serrano with which newspaper readers would almost certainly be familiar. However, I cannot seem to convince myself that I need to put a copy of that infamous work of modern religious or anti-religious art on this website on Good Friday. Sue me. However, [Read More...]

Death by megaphone in Afghanistan

There he is again. In prime news territory in the New York Times, which offered Terry Jones another chance to speak for himself (while also, interestingly enough, stripping him of “the Rev.” in a violation of Associated Press style on clergy titles). Jones pretty much says what you would expect him to say. There are [Read More...]

Case of the radical Baptist church

Bizarre. That’s my first reaction to a 1,900-word investigative report by The Oklahoman concerning the church attended by two Oklahoma City Council candidates. Downright bizarre. That’s my second reaction. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure whether I’m reacting to the nature of the allegations or the Page 1 Sunday report itself. Cue the theme [Read More...]

Why journalists love Westboro Baptist

Actually, the headline on the top of this post should say, “Why so many mainstream journalists are biting their lips and showing reluctant support for the fundamentalists — self proclaimed, fitting Associated Press style — from Westboro Baptist Church.” But that wouldn’t fit very well in our format. It goes without saying that there is [Read More...]