Sermon: Act Precedes, Willing Follows

My sermon from this morning – a summary of the story of Jacob and Esau from their birth to their reunion after Jacob’s decades away – is now available at, here. And I figured out how to post the children’s talk and lessons as separate audio files! It’s the little things.

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  • Doug Webber

    I thought it was truth that precedes, good follows. Truth is first in time, but good is first in end. The thought must be reformed before the will is regenerated; we must know what our sin is before we can remove it from our life.

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  • Coleman Glenn


    Absolutely – as I mentioned in the sermon, Jacob primarily represents truth, and this does precede. But the process is: first we learn the truth, then we ACT (feeling completely as if of ourselves, even though it’s the Lord’s doing) according to the truth, and only afterwards does our love (willingness) change. “Act precedes” is really shorthand for “forcing ourselves to act according to the truth,” and even before that comes learning the truth.

    By the way, I checked out your website and noticed that you are the same Webber who published “The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem” with hyperlinks for the Kindle. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done there – it’s an incredible gift to the world.