Looking at The Sabbath in a Whole New Way: Quick Review of The Sabbath by Abraham Heschel

The SabbathThe Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Continuing my education on the third commandment and why we need to take it seriously. Ok, I’m already converted to the concept and live it to the best of my ability … but I want to elevate it in my mind and heart (if that makes sense). I think Heschel would understand what I want to do because this book is obviously written for that concept. Although I have to admit that the three rabbis parable left me a bit stranded as it goes on for some time, but that is probably because I’m not used to reading and considering midrash.

I meant to add that observing the sacred with a liturgical calendar is familiar to Catholic thinking since our liturgical calendar is key to our worship. That only makes sense since Christianity rose from Jewish founders who adapted their familiar worship to the revelations of Christ. However, Heschel’s “cathedral of time” elevates this to something new and beautiful.

This was one of my 2012 Personal Reading Challenge books and the first that rewarded me in the way I anticipated. Highly recommended.

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