Resource Week: The Weekly Benedict

Don’t depend on the media’s terribly chosen sound bites to know what your pope is saying. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth (sort of) with the help of The Weekly Benedict.

We can thank two people for The Weekly Benedict.

First is Jimmy Akin, who gathers weekly the homilies and writings of the Holy Father for our easy access. Now, Jimmy Akin offers much more than compiling Pope Benedict’s writing, such as his daily liturgical posts. However, for those who want all Benedict, all the time: he has a feed for that.

Second is The Curt Jester, a.k.a. Jeff Miller, who wasn’t satisfied with just having the links gathered. God bless him, he wanted the Pope’s writing in ebook form. For those of us who want to use a Kindle, etc. and not have to cut and paste and format, this is a true God-send. Yes, I speak from the heart here. I read The Curt Jester daily, but if you don’t want to do that he’s thoughtfully provided an archive page where you can pick up The Weekly Benedict.

The Weekly Benedict ebook is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I pull from Jimmy Akin’s blog. Each week or so Jimmy Akin publishes a post for his “The Weekly Benedict”.

For those who think Pope Benedict XVI rocks as I do, these provided ebook compilations are for those who also want to read all that he has to say in a  convenient format.

This page is intended as an archive of all the weekly volumes of The Weekly Benedict that I have published.

The ebooks are available in two formats:

  • ePub – Used by many devices including Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • mobi – Used by Amazon’s Kindle
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