Resources Week: Catholic Fidelity is your gateway to apologetic materials

At Catholic Fidelity it is our mission to faithfully serve Christ’s Church by defending Her truth. I have sought to bring together many of the best apologetic sources on the net in one place and arrange them in a topical manner across several different types of media (articles, videos, audio, presentations, recommended books, and more) …

Two thousand years ago Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?” (John 18:38). This question still rings as loudly today as it did then. For those who are searching for the truth, my prayer is that the resources here will help you on your journey to discover the only Love that truly satisfies. For those who have already found the “Pearl of Great Price” this website is intended to help provide you with resources for defending, explaining, and promoting the truth of Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Finally, I trust the divinely established authority of the magisterium of the Catholic Church to impart to me the full revelation of Jesus Christ as first deposited to the apostles and gratefully submit the contents of this website to its authority. In all things may Christ be glorified.

I met Ty Jackson at our parish’s RCIA program where he was one of the presenters on a variety of Catholic truths. I can testify that he’s passionate about the Catholic Church and well-informed. When you visit Catholic Fidelity you can see why. He leans on the classics and he’s got them here for anyone to peruse and use. He’ll also answer questions so be sure to ask if there is something you can’t find or need clarification about.

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