Resources Week: “Catechism Class” is Like Spark Notes for Catholic Books

Y’all know that I’m all about book reviews. But there is another way to evaluate a great many Catholic books.

We realize that the vast majority of Catholics want to read classic and contemporary Catholic books but due to time constraints, they are able to actually only read a small number of them.  We have responded to this need by summarizing (not reviewing so that customers get the author’s views and not our opinions) many great Catholic books.

Catechism Class has a really extensive list of books that they’ve done thorough reviews for. And when I say thorough, I ain’t just a whistlin’ Dixie.

I was stunned at how thorough the samples were. Not only an overall summary, but also a summary for every chapter. This is truly the way to quickly get the sense of a book that you need to evaluate before purchasing or cover for some reason but don’t have time to read.

Cathechism Class describes their summaries here and has a list of books covered here. As a bonus, I asked them to provide a sample pdf of a representative book so that you could see for yourselves how thorough these are. They generously came forth with Scott Hahn’s Hail Holy Queen.

Give it a try and check out their site.

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