I’ll Be Speaking at the International Bloggers’ Summit, August 31

The International Bloggers’ Summit is the last day of the 2012 Catholic New Media Conference. I got my proposal to speak in just before their deadline and … woohoo! … I’ll one of the seven spots they have. I’d say seven bloggers, but some of the talks feature more than one person. Be sure to click through on the link to see the range of topics being covered.

My topic — Catholic Bloggers: Are We the 1st Corinthians of the Internet?

If you don’t know 1st Corinthians that may be a bit confusing. Here’s a bit more:

Catholic blogs may be the only chance to “meet” a Catholic in real life for many people. What sort of example do we give them? All too often, the face of the Catholic church on the Internet is more scandalizing than inspiring. Readers dropping by may witness division and infighting, criticism of Catholic teachings, and very little love. What does this cost us as bloggers and as Christian examples to others? And can it be fixed?

There’s much more, of course, but that gives the gist of the thing.

I was already looking forward to the CNMC but now … I’m on a mission. To give a talk!

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