Dante Multi-Reads

Dante Alighieri Multi-Reads
via Awesome People Reading

First of all, I like that Dante is considered an Awesome Person Reading. I had to nab it – what could be more perfect for a Catholic book site?

When I looked around for more information about the image, I found additional information at Books and Reading about this image which comes from a marvelous looking fresco in a marvelous looking chapel.

Dante Alighieri (1499-1502), detail. Fresco. Chapel of San Brizio, Duomo, Orvieto. Luca Signorelli (Italian, 1450-1523)

Books and Reading looks like a really interesting spot for those of us interested in books and art. Check it out.

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  • http://www.patricklarkin.net Patrick Larkin

    Orvieto’s Duomo is astonishingly beautiful — as is the whole town, which sits atop a 500-foot-high volcanic plug and offers amazing views over the Umbrian countryside. My wife and I spent part of our honeymoon there, and last summer we took our two kids for another visit. (The Duomo’s facade is magnificent and the interior is full of great art. It also makes an appearance in Father Robert Barron’s CATHOLICISM series…)

  • Manny

    Julie, how does that Awesome People Reading site work? Do I have to join something to hear Dante? I couldn’t find much at the link.