Angela’s Song

Great story. Real characters. Good writing. This book was, in some ways, applied Theology of the Body. It’s romance that’s just about what I like and Catholicism not shoved down my throat.

Guys, be warned: I’d call this chick lit. Gals, be encouraged: it’s gooood. It’s “name a big well-sold author” good.

It’s completely Catholic, but it’s also completely honest. It presents real life in a way that will make you think that you could be lunching with these people.

This book deals head-on with issues that Catholic women face, and it doesn’t apologize for Church teaching or for human mistake. Rather, it explores what could happen.

And I’m just botching up that description in an effort to not give anything away. This is the kind of love we all want, I tell ya. I have plans to reread this one.

And when you look at it on Amazon and see the 44  reviews and the average 4.5 star rating, see if you don’t find yourself clicking the purchase button.

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