J.R.R. Tolkien Book Giveaway

Brandon Vogt’s giving away two books I’d dearly love to have (yes, I know it’s a random selection of winners, but I’m just sayin’):

  • The Lord of the Rings … the one-volume version that I’ve been eying at Amazon over and over (but resolutely NOT buying)
  • Tolkien: A Celebration – edited by Joseph Pearce … which is the Pearce book that really caught my eye of the several Brandon listed yesterday.

Go here to sign up.

Books on J.R.R Tolkien’s Catholicism

Brandon’s giveaway ties in with his interesting list yesterday, passed along from Joseph Pearce’s blog. Brandon thoughtfully included covers and descriptions to make it easy for us. Definitely worth perusing if you are at all interested in the subject.

I read the list with interest, since I have been making a list of my own of similar books, thanks to the insights I’ve been gleaning from The Tolkien Professor, whose podcast I recommend highly. (Either click on the course name or go to iTunes to get episodes.) I’ve mentioned this before but Professor Olsen’s comments have really helped open up what Tolkien meant when he said that The Lord of the Rings had a Catholic moral worldview.

Here are a few from my list that weren’t on Brandon’s (or should we say on Joseph Pearce’s). I’m in a huge hurry so won’t be as thoughtful as Brandon, but there are links that will take you to descriptions.

My actual list is at home so I may add to this list if I find something not mentioned on either list.

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  • Arizona Mike

    A copy of the 1966 edition of the Jerusalem Bible would be worth adding to the list, to read Tolkien’s translation of the Book of Jonah. Tolkien’s translation was to be published as a short separate edition in 2009 with a forward about how Tolkien came to write it, but it never was published due to legal issues (http://www.tolkienlibrary.com/press/888-Book-of-Jonah-Translated-by-Tolkien.php).

    • juliedavis

      I just heard someone discussing that in a podcast lecture. They mentioned that Dali did the illustrations for it. Altogether it sounds fascinating.