Julie’s 2013 Personal Reading Challenge

My 2012 book challenge was so rewarding, making me pick up books I would just keep skipping over in favor of lighter reading. I’m doing it again this year. Some books are carried over from last year and some I dropped because they just didn’t look interesting to me right now. But you can see I have plenty of others to fill in the gaps.

As before, I may not get through all of them in a year, but I will be trying always read one of them despite other distractions. In no particular order.
  1. Little Dorrit – Charles Dickens
  2. Middlemarch* – Eliot
  3. Belly of Paris* (Emile Zola)
  4. Wuthering Heights* – Charlotte Bronte (began this in 2012, finishing it in 2013)
  1. Momento Mori – Muriel Spark
  2. Last Call* – Tim Powers (not a true classic, I know … but still a “challenging” read which is what all these are for me)
  3. Galactic Pot Healer – Philip K. Dick (I wanted to try a novel instead of short stories and this was recommended as being one of the most complete stories told in a novel.)
  4. Journal of the Gun Years – Richard Matheson (I’m so curious to see what sort of Western Matheson writes since he was such a science fiction award winner)
  1. Introduction to the Devout Life* – St. Francis de Sales (began this in 2012, finishing it in 2013)
  2. The Way of Perfection* – St. Teresa of Avila
  3. A Song for Nagasaki – Glynn
  4. The Scarlet and the Black – Gallagher
  1. The Sand Pebbles*
  2. Nine Princes in Amber – Zelazny
  1. Tolkien’s Letters
  2. The Inklings – Humphrey Carpenter
  3. H.V. Morton travel book
  4. King Peggy

* Carried over from the 2012 Book Challenge.

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