The Daughter of Time

With the recent news of the bones of Richard III being found it reminds me of a quite unique book. The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey.  It is unique in a couple of ways.  For one it is a detective story that takes place totally within the confines of a hospital room.  For another it is a historical detective novel where the detective looks into the history of Richard III and whether he was actually responsible for the death of his Nephews. The case made in this regard transcends a fictional detective novel into actual history. It seems like such an odd basis for a story, yet I was totally involved in the novel from start to finish.

About Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller is a former atheist who after spending forty years in the wilderness finds himself with both astonishment and joy a member of the Catholic Church. A retired Navy Chief who now makes his living as an application developer.

  • Mike O’Connor

    Brought up this very book in association with the news of the day, it was actually a required read during sophomore year of high school. I remember enjoying it and will now seek it out again. That said, I do wonder if there has been any new scholarship shedding light on the subject since the book’s original publication?

  • Will Duquette

    Tey is just plain good. All of her stuff is worth reading.