Why I’m Catholic

Jen Fitz here, answering the call from Patheos to explain ourselves!  Here’s my story:

1. I’m Catholic because my parents had me baptized as a baby.  We went to church sporadically.  I  knew very little about my faith, but always knew I was Catholic.

2. I’m Catholic because I know what it’s like not to be. By the end of high school, I was so Catholic I won the parish “Catholic Student of the Year” award.  By the end of college four years later, I had completely, totally, departed from the faith.  But within a few years, I was yearning for God, crying out for Him.

3. I’m Catholic because God answers prayers.  I started inching toward Christianity.  In February 1998, I had a powerful conversion experience at the hands of a baptist deacon.  I was filled with an irresistible desire to attend Mass.

5. I’m Catholic because I was finally taught by a good, faithful priest.  For the first time in my life, someone taught me the fullness of the faith.

6. I’m Catholic because it’s true.  My husband did not revert to the Church for another decade.  I was forced to learn what we Catholics really believe, and why we believe it.

There are good, strong, reasoned proofs of the Catholic faith.  I accept them.  That’s why I’m Catholic.


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About Jennifer Fitz

Jennifer Fitz is the mother of four fantabulous children, and author of Classroom Management for Catechists. She writes online for Patheos and for the Catholic Conspiracy. When she isn't blogging, teaching, or complaining about something, she likes to play outside.