An Absolutely Spiffing Review of Stranger in a Strange Land

I’ve gotten into a wonderful conversation over at the Catholic Writers’ Guild blog. It goes on in the comments box of whatever book review I’ve posted lately, but carries on the same conversation.

Don has begun dipping into Robert Heinlein’s writing and his comment is a really wonderful review of Stranger in a Strange Land. It is insightful and ties together with my review of Save, Send, Delete in a way that is really right but never would have occurred to me.

Now he’s found a cordial nook of the library thanks to a librarian who is delighted to have a fellow science fiction fan. When that happens can Terry Pratchett books be far behind? Of course not!

This is why we do it, people. The blogging and reviewing and such. Because the friends we make are so much fun.

Go read it.

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