Saints of Christmas Set from Liguori

Don’t you just love books of saints? I’ll admit it: I’m a saint book junkie.

And, as it turns out, so is my eight-year-old. When she saw the pile of books from Liguori’s new Saints of Christmas set, which is part of their Saints and Me! series, it was all I could to do restrain her. (I have this thing about review books: they have to stay near my computer until I’ve written the reviews. Call it another manifestation of my control freak nature.)

The titles in this series are:

They’re all written by Barbara Yoffe and illustrated by Katherine A. Borgatti. They’re designed for children ages four through nine.

A few of these saints are who you’d expect to see in a “Saints of Christmas” set (Nicholas, Lucy, Mary and Joseph), but how about those others? Well, as it turns out, each of them have a connection to the Christmas story. Yoffe says that “they can teach children to love Jesus and be generous.”

As for me, I know a mom who can use these lessons. And the pictures are gorgeous.

Content is king, yes, but design is queen. And sometimes the queen rules the roost. These books marry the two in a way that has me delighted. I know quite a few people I can share them with and give them to.

To be honest, I sort of wish my kids hadn’t already seen these books, because they would be great Christmas gifts. As it is, we’ll keep them close at hand and use them during Advent and Christmas to supplement our reading time.

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