Jacob’s Ladder: Ten Steps to Truth

The prolific philosopher Peter Kreeft has a new book out titled: “Jacob’s Ladder: Ten Steps to Truth” Like some of his previous books it is set around a dialogue between two characters. This time both characters are fully fictional and set in the year 1977. Libby Rawls is a young women that is a nominal [Read More...]

“Inhale as a believer, exhale as an atheist”

I am an admitted book stalker of Julie Davis and became interested in Save Send Delete by Danusha Goska as she was posting about it at Goodreads. Her 5 star review of the book sealed the deal for me as I know she does not max out stars lightly. When I first read the summary [Read More...]

Review: Pope Francis by Matthew Bunson

Earlier this week Pope Francis written by Matthew Bunson and published by Our Sunday Visitor was released. As I had written when reviewing Francis: Pope of a New World is that you expect some flaws and lack of depth for a book that quickly comes to market. In many ways this book gets passed some [Read More...]