A Magnificent Book: Mockingbird by Walter Tevis

Mockingbird by Walter Tevis Only the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods. Why have I never heard of this magnificent book before? Thank goodness my mother, 80 years old and never afraid of a Kindle Daily Deal, read it and commanded me to do likewise. In the 25th century all the work is [Read More...]

Books Just In: Tweets, Seeds, Encounters, A Way Forward, and a Giveaway

Ah spring book season, when the new growth of authors and publishers sprout at the mailbox, unexpectedly delighting book reviewers. I love it. I won’t get a chance to read these as fast as you deserve to hear about them. But they did pass the first chapter test and make it onto my “to read” [Read More...]

Congratulations to John C. Wright and Michael Flynn for Their Hugo Nominations!

Imagine my delight in seeing two of my favorite science fiction/fantasy authors among the 2015 Hugo Award nominations. I like their writing just that little bit more because they’re Catholic. So sue me. CONGRATULATIONS guys! I hadn’t made my April book purchase yet so dropped John C. Wright’s  The Book of Feasts and Seasons into my [Read More...]