Black bear hitches a ride to downtown Vancouver atop a garbage truck (video)

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Earlier today I shared with you a story about some juvenile black-tailed deer who hopped aboard a fishing boat last year for a ride to safety. This week comes news that on Monday, a black bear hitched a ride on top of a garbage truck and ended up in downtown Vancouver.

Silly old bear.

Conservation officer Alex Desjardins told the Vancouver Sun that its believed the bear was inside of a dumpster that was picked up in North Vancouver on Monday. Bear climbs in for a snack, dumpster is … well, dumped … into truck, and ta da! Black bear aboard!

Later that afternoon, conservation officers started recieving calls from people who was the bear on top of the truck. The bear was tranquilized and then relocated to upper Squamish Valley.

The bear is healthy and about a year-and- a-half-old. He also now has his own Twitter account (@downtown_bear).

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