Bear cubs born before internet audience (video)

On Sunday, January 22, a bear named Jewel gave birth to cubs while an internet audience watched it happen live. The birth took place at the Wildlife Research Institute, home to the North American Bear Center, in Ely, Minnesota.

And you can watch it happen – and hear the little cub squeals! – in this video!

I’m personally a technophobe – I use the barest technology necessary in order to do my job. But thank God – literally! – for technology like the Den Cams and the folks who used it to give us such a wonderful peek inside Jewel’s den. And to be able to do it without disturbing the birth. The more we get to know and understand wildlife, the better stewards we can be of Creation, and the more we can live together in a way that respects all of God’s creatures and their place in the world.

You can learn more about Jewel and her cubs a the Wildlife Research Institute, and more about bears at the North American Bear Center. In fact, you don’t have to wait for another birth to see the bears live – you can check out the live webcams anytime to see bears up close and personal! Just visit Jewel’s live dencam and watch her interact with the cubs, and then follow along with their progress.

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