Update on 9News anchor Kyle Dyer, who was bit by dog on live TV

Click the image to go to the KUSA-TV website to watch the video.

Last week, I told you about Colorado’s 9NEWS morningKyle Dyer, who two weeks ago was bitten in the face by a dog while interviewing the dog’s owner, Michael Robinson, and the firefighter who rescued the dog after he had fallen through the ice.

Dyer suffered serious injuries that required 70 stitches to her face, as well as reconstructive surgery. In an interview this week, she talked about the incident with her morning show co-host, Gary Shapiro.

She’s right when she says the incident could have been much worse. But despite her positive attitude, I’m sure it terribly painful and she’ll carry the scars probably forever.

At the same time, I’m completely impressed by her humor and her spirit:

“I don’t know. Everybody was like, ‘Weren’t you freaking out?’ And I’m like, No cause I just had a feeling, and I still do, that everything is going to be OK … I just put it in God’s hands and I know he’s taking care of me. And my family is so grateful that everything is going as well as it is.”

Keep Kyle in her prayers, for healing and that she can keep up her positive spirit! You can see the interview on the KUSA-TV website.

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